Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Brief Notes: The Speech

Mike L.

Obama's speech today (transcript) is going to mean different things to different people. What leaped out to me, though, is his failure to connect Qaeda with the larger Islamist movement.

I intend to expand on this over the coming days, but it is obvious that this administration does not grasp that the problem is not just al Qaeda, but a larger movement gathering strength within the Muslim world that seeks to restore the Caliphate and that is now well into the process of taking over additional countries in the Middle East.

The problem is radical Islam and this is what the Obama administration absolutely refuses to face. This is hardly surprising given the fact that the very political movement that Obama comes out of is likewise blinkered.

As a country, we can bury our heads in the sand, but this will not make this problem go away.

This administration is either lying to the American public or it is blind. I honestly do not know which is the case, but I am not happy with either.

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