Wednesday, May 16, 2012

J Street President: Senators, Congressmen 'Live in Fear' of Pro-Israel Groups


What is it about Progressives that they have to continuously encourage the antisemitic canard that Israel/Jews wag the American dog?

J Street founder and President Jeremy Ben-Ami stated that many congressmen and senators refuse to criticize Israel because they "live in fear" of retribution from pro-Israel groups, Haaretz reports. Ben-Ami made the comments on Tuesday evening during a tepid debate between Ben-Ami and Bill Kristol, editor of Weekly Standard and a director of the pro-Israel Emergency Committee for Israel, on what it means to be pro-Israel in America in 2012....

Many American senators and congressmen “keep quiet” and refrain from criticizing Israeli policies because they “live in fear” and are “intimidated” by pro-Israeli groups such as the Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI), according to J Street founder and President Jeremy Ben-Ami.

Ben-Ami’s bald assertion came during a debate with Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, a director of ECI, held on Tuesday night at Manhattan’s palatial B’nai Jeshurun Synagogue and moderated by Jane Eisner, the editor of the Forward. Ben Ami said that because of accusatory ECI ads in the New York Times and other media outlets, members of Congress are afraid of being branded as anti-Israel and are deterred by the “ramifications” of voicing open criticism of Israeli policies.

This is just one example of many lately from Progressive circles using  antisemitic style rhetoric. How low can these idiots go from here? And when will they give up on the sham statement that they are pro-Israel? No, Progressives are anti-Israel more so every day. In fact, at that Synagogue, "The crowd of 700-800, mainly from Manhattan’s Upper West Side, clearly favored Ben Ami’s positions..." Jewish Stockholm Syndrome or what?


  1. Interestingly, Kristol said Obama had evolved considerably between his 2009 Cairo speech and his 2012 AIPAC speech, and that “the difference” between Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney on issues relating to Iran and Israel “is not that great."

    For Ben-Ami to knowingly sound like Mearsheimer and Walt is pretty sad. Or is he simply oblivious to the negative effect of such an argument? Or that Congress and even the President need not be coerced to support Israel because it is in the USA's vital security interests?

  2. Little known fact about J Street:

    The "J" in J Street stands for "Jim Baker."

  3. I do not see how any group can consider itself pro-Israel when it spreads the anti-Semitic canard that Jewish or Israeli organizations control Congress.

    I was open to the possibilities of J Street when it first arrived on the scene, but have since determined that Jeremy ben-Ami is a weasel.

    We need to get beyond this left-wing, faux-sophisticated nonsense that Israel's best friends are the ones that kick it in the head the most.

    Aunt Martha, for example, is not pro-Israel and neither is The Troubadour. If you spend your time kicking the crap out of a people, or a country, you cannot simultaneously claim to be a friend to that people or that country.

    I swear to God, Jews have to be the only people on the planet who would buy into such nonsense. It's almost as ridiculous as suggesting that what Israel really needs to do is teach high school kids that their country is a racist, colonialist, imperialist, apartheid regime.

    That's not a formula for peace, but for national suicide.

    In any case, Jeremy ben-Ami got his 15 minutes. Now it is time to let him fade back into oblivion.

    1. LOL we actually agree on something (about Aunt Martha and the Useful Idiot) and then you have to go ruin it with some silliness...

      I am glad to see how they are almost as bad me (your words). I wouldn't want them to pass me in my Ebilzness and hatred for my own people .