Sunday, May 20, 2012

Geoffff Has Some Words

This comment by Geoffff cuts right to the heart of the matter:

I don't get this whole progressive/left/liberal/whatever Zionist thing and for me it has come as a surprize that, whatever it is, apparently it has to be taken seriously.

What do they want Israel to do? What do they expect the Diaspora to do?

Let me explain. I was born in the year 1954 of Australian born parents and I guess we are all the products of our age and place. For me Zionism was as natural as breathing. It still is. I knew about antisemitism from an early age of course. It was impossible not to in regional Queensland where I grew up (think "Driving Miss Daisy") but I honestly did not know there was even such a thing as an anti-Zionist Jew until I read about it in one of Chaim Potok's beautiful novels in my late teens.

Anti-Zionist Jews I now understand. They are arseholes. There have always been them. I get that. But J-Street style Zionists?

If they stand for anything at all it must be that Israel and the Jews are at least in part to blame for the hatred directed at them and that they should be doing something to stop it. We should be looking within for the source of this hatred from outside. As if we haven't done enough of that. It is up to us to solve the nasty and dangerous little war against us and Israel. We should be doing ... something ...


Negotiate? Come on .. try to be a little honest. Jews have been trying that for as long as there has been Zionism. Compromise? Sure. Been there, done that. Agree to another Muslim state on the borders of Israel and they can call it what they like (if, seriously, that is what they want)? Now that's the one that really disgusts me. How many bloody times do you have to say "yes"?

What do they want Israel to do in the face of all this genocidal madness? No new settlements? That's been policy for over twenty years. Freeze the settlements? That's been tried. It didn't work and besides surely the issue is who should have sovereignty over the settlements, and which ones, in any event. That the settlements are the problem is a copout lie for people with another agenda and there is no excuse by now not to know that.

What else? Stop "Judaising" Jerusalem? Don't make me sick.

I will be impressed when the "progressive/liberal/whatever" left starts to put a fraction of the pressure on the Palestinian side to accept a genuine two state solution that they do on Israel to make further concessions. You never hear this from them. Why do they refuse to pick up the two state solution and make peace? Why isn't the left demanding to know this from their Palestinian "friends"? Why aren't they even asking the question?

This is the unspoken horror at the core of all this. They do not want a Jewish state and they want it defenceless and torn down. They do not want Jews. They don't care about a Palestinian state. They don't care about Palestinians. If they did they wouldn't be keeping so many of them on display in cages like animals in zoos generation after generation and seemingly for generations to come.

This is not about "Palestine". It hasn't been since 1948. It is about something else entirely and sooner or later left Zionists must admit that.

I couldn't agree more.

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