Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Geoffff's Joint Peace Prize --- Special Mayday Award.


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This blog overlooks the Australian east coast and from the balcony is the Pacific Ocean gently breaking on a sandy beach. This small part of the ocean is known as the Coral Sea and therefore part of the vast battlefield where in May 1942 the US Navy, aided by the RAN and the RAAF, saw off a Japanese invasion fleet headed for Port Moresby hundreds of miles to the north.

This morning two US veterans were among those who gathered for a dawn service in Townsville in north Queensland to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea.

The men, who are in their 90s, served on the USS Lexington, one of two aircraft carriers that fought in the battle off the north Queensland coast one month before the Battle of Midway. The Lexington, which had survived Pearl Harbour, was lost in the battle.

Today is also the first anniversary of the despatch of Osama bin Laden and naturally President Obama is playing it for all it's worth. Enough of him.

One year ago today heliborne United States Navy Seals from the Red Squadron of the Joint Special Operations Command's United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group took out the nastiest terrorist in all of history and in doing so put on notice fanatical Islamist criminals and enemies of humanity everywhere that none of them are beyond reach.

Recently this blog founded the Geoffff's Joint Peace Prize in an attempt to shore up the global peace prize credibility problem following the award of the Nobel peace prize to such luminaries as the psychopath arch-terrorist and child killer, Yassir Arafat, and Nazi Islamist apologist and peddler of racist slander Archbishop Desmund Tutu, and also the award of the Sydney Peace Prize to crackpot democracy hating Israel basher, Noam Chomsky, Marxist antisemite, John Pilger and Arafat PR front woman and 9/11 denier, Hanan Ashrawi.

So can there be really any doubt who deserves the honour of the Geoffff's Joint Peace Prize this 1 May 2012 ?

Congratulations US Seals. The prize of course is yours.

Thanks again US Navy.

Making and keeping the peace for over seventy years. Always welcome in Australian ports


  1. After 20 years hanging around with leftists who despise the military, I find this kind of sentiment to be nicely refreshing.

    Like a cold beer on a hot summer day.

    Thanks, Geoffff.

    1. Mike,

      I think that the members of Left despise, and have despised, only the American military and the militaries of all other countries that the members of the Left, in their minds, associate with the American military.

      And now, the members of the now-Fascist Left, feel racist genocidal hatred only toward the military of, and toward the members, in general, of, the intendedly genocidally besieged very small nation of the Jewish people, Israel (which, by the way, in fact, is not, nor has ever been, supported by the government of the Unites States of America, but which, in fact, rather, has been intentionally intendedly fatally undermined by the intelligence agencies, and foreign policy departments, and the executive administrations, of the government of the United States of America). Talk (by lying leaders of Western governments who are scapegoating Israel, and who are pretending to be friends of Israel) is cheap. Actions (the actual actions* by those leaders of Western governments -- which are actions that are almost entirely unreported by the non-Jewish racist anti-Jewish members of, and by the Jewish Stockholm-syndrome-affected egomaniacal morally bankrupt members of, the Western mass media) are what matter.

      Many members of the now-Fascist Left express support for the militaries and murderous terrorist cells of Islamic supremacist fascist intendedly genocidal racist anti-Jewish governments and political organizations.

      By the way, I, myself, in the past, disliked the American military (and militaries, in general). I still view all violent action as being wrong and unbeneficial. But I now have an appreciation for, and compassion for, the members of the American military, and for, especially, the members of the military of Israel, and for the members of the militaries of all democratic countries.

      I appreciate, and, have compassion for, especially the members of the military of Israel because the military of Israel is a mainly conscripted military constituted mainly of most of the young Jewish people of the besieged very small country of the Jewish people, and because, despite the extremely difficult situation that Israel is in, and that the military of Israel is in, the military of Israel has developed, and adheres to, an extremely high humane code of ethics of behavior, as far as how high and humane the ethics of behavior of any military can be.

      And the military of Israel, of course, as Jewish people have always been, is viciously libeled by genocidal anti-Jewish racists -- political, and academic, and journalistic, and religious clerical -- Arab, and Muslim, and Western, and, as always, Jewish -- with verbal and visual lies of omission, and with verbal and visual blatant lies - which are lies that are readily believed by very many of the members of Western societies (culturally Christian-European -- Christian and formerly Christian -- societies) -- societies in whose culture belief in racist bigoted antipathetic wrong views about the Jewish people is a deeply engrained part.

      Note: * The government of the United States of America gives a total of over 3 billion dollars of financial aid per year to Muslim Arab states in the Middle East. The government of the United States gives more military aid to the Saudi family dictatorial Islamic regime of Saudi Arabia than the government of the United States of America gives to any other state in the world.

      The government of the United States of America gives 3 billion dollars of financial aid per year to Israel, which is money that the government of the United States of America requires the government of Israel to spend on buying weapons from the United States of America.


    2. (from continued)

      An important fact to know is that the founding membership of the CIA was constituted by several thousand German former Nazi officials who, soon after World War II, were recruited into the CIA by the founder of the CIA, Allen Dulles - who, with his friend, Jack Philby, provided, and profited from providing, petroleum from Muslim Arab states to the Nazi regime of Germany during the 1930's. Jack Philby was a British official who was one of the main administrators of the British Mandate of Palestine, and was a self-professed Socialist, and converted to Islam in 1930, and was a fervent supporter of the Nazis.

      The following are two books about some of this, and about other aspects of this aspect of the situation that Israel is in. The books are by John Loftus, who was a U.S. Justice Department federal prosecutor who had above Top Secret security clearance in the U.S. government. However, by the way, John Loftus has expressed the false belief that Islam is a "peaceful religion", and that Wahabi Islam is a heretical sect of Islam. And, by the way, John Loftus is a Democrat.

      The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed The Jewish People, by John Loftus and Mark Aarons

      America's Nazi Secret: An Insider's History, by John Loftus