Monday, May 7, 2012

Daily Kos Comment of the Day: The Wish for Israeli Suicide Edition

Mike L.

Israel is committing suicide.

Every time they build more housing units on the WB, every time settlements uproot Palestinian orchards to build more, every time the separation wall inches further onto Palestinian land - Israel is making it less possible to continue as both Jewish and democratic. As it is, settlers have full rights of Israeli citizenship while their Palestinian neighbors are under military rule. That already unmakes democratic institutions.

But it is nice to see you again.

Old people are like old houses - lots of character, but the plumbing leaks.

by ramara on Mon May 07, 2012 at 02:18:02 PM PDT

This is just the kind of thing that we constantly get from the left.

Israel is committing suicide.

The truth is that from an economic and military standpoint Israel is in better shape than it has ever been. Ramara seems to represent the kind of progressive-left Jewish hand-wringing that claims to want what is best for Israel, but very much seems to want the demise of Israel.

Why say such a thing, otherwise? Does she honestly believe that Israel's amazing successes over the decades somehow represents "suicide"? Or does she think that Arab intransigence is the fault of the Jews?  I'm pretty sure that it is the latter.

The truth of the matter is that there is a growing divide within the diaspora Jewish community around Israel because "progressive" Jews blame Jewish Israelis for the lack of peace, rather than placing that blame where it really belongs, at the feet of the Palestinians, themselves.

Every time they build more housing units on the WB...

This is just flat-out anti-Jewish racism of the kind that is constantly promoted by the Peter Beinarts and Barack Obamas of the world. There is absolutely no reason why Jews should not be allowed to live in Judea and Samaria. None. Yet when people like Ramara, here, claim that it prevents the emergence of a Palestinian state she, much like Obama himself, bolsters the racist Palestinian case for why they cannot accept a state in peace next to the Jewish one.

It is for this reason that progressive-left Jews are actually hampering the possibility of a negotiated settlement and thereby keeping their Jewish friends and relatives in Israel under siege.

every time settlements uproot Palestinian orchards...

This is an appeal to romanticism, actually. "Palestinian orchards." Why not just a plaintive, poetic lament about how the evil "settlers" rip Sacred Palestinian Olive Groves out with their bare fangs?  It's both a lie and an appeal to emotion in order to create hatred toward Jews who live in Judea.

every time the separation wall inches further onto Palestinian land...

It needs to be understood that this is coming from someone who bills herself as pro-Israel, yet somehow there is not the slightest recognition that the security fence has saved Jewish lives. Whether or not it is "inching" onto Palestinian land is another matter entirely. If the Palestinians would simply accept a state for themselves then perhaps they would not have this problem, but until they do there is no "Palestinian land." There is only disputed territory.

As it is, settlers have full rights of Israeli citizenship while their Palestinian neighbors are under military rule.

This is true. For the most part Palestinians are under Palestinian military rule. Something like 95 percent of Palestinians in Judea and Samaria are under the vicious rule of dictator Abbas, not the Israelis.

That already unmakes democratic institutions.

The Israelis are very good about democracy, but none of their neighbors are even close to creating a real democracy. If the non-Israeli Palestinians are not living in democracies it is because they support non-democratic leadership, just as they do in Gaza.

The Jewish Stockholm Syndrome is strong in this one.


  1. Well said, Mike.

    It has always been the case that Jewish people -- Jewish people who are people of no integrity, and who, as a result of that, have completely succumbed to Stockholm syndrome -- that is: Jewish people who are Jewish anti-Jewish racists -- Jewish anti-Jewish racists of various degrees -- have always been the worst enemies of the Jewish people. *The* *worst* *enemies* *of* *the* *Jewish* *people*. It hasn't been anyone else. It has been such Jewish people -- in the European Middle Ages, in the 1930's -- yes, in the 1930's -- and now -- and, it seems, throughout all of the past three thousand years.

    Jewish people are a psychologically screwed up people.

    However, I hope that Jewish people will begin to be mindful.

    Jewish Stockholm Syndrome

  2. Jewish people who are currently attacking Israel need to understand: the criticism, here, of actions that you are doing is not about you. It's about endeavoring to protect the Jewish people in Israel from harm.

    The situation is not about your ego. The situation is not about proving to anyone -- including yourself -- that you are good.

    May you be mindful.

    May you be happy.

    Jewish Stockholm Syndrome

    1. I am not always mindful, Dan.

      I have the monkey-mind like anyone else and I sometimes have a temper.

      But I keep on keepin' on.