Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Troubadour Says He Owns Israel


Over at dKos, the Troubadour had been thankfully silent for a long time. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Today he published a diary entitled: I Own Israel - A Progressive Jew's Claim.

As you can imagine, it is a typical progressive attempt to justify a one sided criticism of Israel, specifically, THE OCCUPATION. 

 It is why, when Israeli journalist Noam Sheizaf recently wrote in his review of Peter Beinart’s The Crisis of Zionism that “the occupation is the greatest moral challenge of my generation,” I nodded in agreement. I nodded instinctively to the words my generation. For his generation is mine. As Jews, we are responsible for this. I am responsible for this – responsible for realizing the Israel envisioned upon its founding, an Israel created to “ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants.”

You probably can guess the narrative. Naturally, not one single sentence is devoted to the reason there is an occupation in the first place. No, it is all Israel's fault, all the time, in every way. Is it any wonder that nobody but his own devotees take him seriously? The guy waxes on about his DUTY to criticize Israel with a straight face, seemingly unaware that a little criticism of the enemies of Israel too might make him look less biased. Guys like him never get it; nor do they get why not everybody loves them as moral saints.


  1. Here's a reason why THE OCCUPATION may not end any time soon. Course, you'll never hear a brain dead Progressive saying it.

    "A quiet month in Israel. Only 70 terrorist attacks
    From the IDF website:

    Following the escalation in the south in March, the month of April saw a decrease in the number of terrorist attacks against Israel. According to an Israel Security Agency report published on Wednesday (May 2), there were 70 terrorist attacks in April, compared to 229 in March.

    The decline was particularly evident in the Gaza Strip region, where only nine attacks occurred in April, compared to 157 in March and 31 in February...."

    1. Is The Troubadour even worth responding to?

      He apparently has a book deal, but his stuff is so treacly, so superficially sweet, yet totally poisonous, I find it hard to believe that any Jewish person who cares about Israel would take his material seriously.

      The guy definitely makes my skin crawl, that is for sure. He pretends to care about the Jewish state even as he brutalizes it, in the name of "social justice," of course.

      This guy, in my opinion, represents the lowest of the low. He has hate for the Jewish state which he presents "as-a-Jew" in the name of human rights.

      We know this because, as you say, Doodad, he blames the persecuted minority in the Middle East (his fellow Jews) for the oppression of their persecutors.

      This is not a stupid person, but he is malicious.

  2. Jewish Stockholm syndrome

    The Occupation of Israel