Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hamas Requires More Dead Gazans

Michael L.

For Y-Net News, Yoav Zitun writes:
dog1Rocket fired from Gaza Strip at the Be'er Sheva region were intercepted Friday after rocket fire hit two house in Sdreot, no injuries were reported in the attacks. In response, the IAF renewed its attacks on Gaza Strip hitting over 40 targets, killing at least five Palestinians.

The attack came after air raid sirens wailed in Ashkelon and in Gaza-border communities almost without end since 8 am when the ceasefire ended after Hamas refused to extend the truce, with more than 60 rockets and mortars fired on Israel; two casualties were reported in the morning hours.
If you scan comments below the article you will find this:
 Brandon Schultz

This is a true story.

When I was growing up in the real Apartheid of South Africa, my friend had a dog. Tiny little Chiwawa. It's name was Spike.

For some reason Spike always started a fight with the bull terrier next door. Crazy you would think. One day the bull terrier got hold of Spike. Spike came back missing a front leg. Dunno how it even survived.

You would think Spike would learn, but noooooo. Stupid dog went back for more.

Next time, Spike didn't come back.

Hamas = Spike.

Nuff said.
Indeed, nuff said.


  1. The difference, of course, is that Spike had everything to lose. Including his own life. Hamas comes back for more, and another 1,000 Palestinians are dead. And Hamas survives. Maybe missing easily replaceable limbs of their own constituency. Rinse. Repeat. It's easy to blame the bull dog. (Dylan's Neighborhood Bully?) Spike will never learn.

    1. Israel should not have to go through this every 2 or 3 years, as I am sure that you would agree.

      It is important that their military aims including eroding Hamas' capacity to shoot rockets into Israel and destroying those truly frightening "terror tunnels."

      But, unless they want to kick the can down the road, they will need to include the unconditional surrender of Hamas, and the elimination of that organization from the strip, as a military objective, as well.

      They are, however, not going to do that. I have no idea what loss of life would entail from such an operation, but I do know that much of the west would strenuously object.

      What I don't believe, however, is this pattern can continue on into the future.

    2. Yeah, exactly. Hamas will fight to the last Gazan, as they order room service from luxury hotels in Qatar.

  2. For some reason this grotesque scene from an old Monty Python movie comes to mind.