Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Example of the Theft of Jewish History

Mike L.

The Arab world has been addressing the Holocaust issue with reservations. The Arabs who recognize the Shoah as well as those who deny it argue that Israel utilizes the Holocaust in order to promote its policies and deny what they refer to as the "Palestinian holocaust." For example, Sheikh Ra'ad Salah claimed many times that he recognizes the Shoah of European Jews, but also what he referred to as the "holocaust of the six million Palestinian refugees."


"The holocaust of the six million Palestinian refugees"?

There was no "holocaust of the six million Palestinian refugees."

They just make stuff up without any shame, whatsoever. In fact, the notion doesn't even make any sense. If they are refugees and if they are still alive then they cannot very well have been the object of a genocide, now can they?

There was a genocide of the Jews. There was a genocide of the Armenians. There is currently genocide happening in Congo and Darfur.

But there never was a genocide of Palestinian-Arabs and if anyone says that Israel is committing any such act then they are spreading the blood libel.

In any event, it's just another example of how some in the Arab world just love to appropriate Jewish history. Of course, the Jewish dhimmis on places like Daily Kos would never address this issue because then they might get disciplined by their fellow progressives. The Palestinian theft and appropriation of Jewish history is a strictly verboten topic on the Left.

Jewish dhimmis are subject to a very narrow range of allowable discourse on the Arab-Israel topic. It is part of the function of places like Daily Kos to patrol the boundaries of discussion and to keep people in line through bullying and shaming. The dhimmis, however, are so ideologically blinkered that they actually bully and shame one another to keep themselves in line.

Independent thought is strictly forbidden.

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