Monday, April 30, 2012

Benzion Netanyahu Laid to Rest in Jerusalem

Mike L.

Hundreds of people attended the funeral of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's father, Benzion Netanyahu, in Jerusalem's Givat Shaul cemetery Monday afternoon.

Prof. Netanyahu, who died earlier in the day at the age of 102, was a renowned historian, specializing in the golden age of Jewish history in Spain, and a professor emeritus at Cornell University.

I find this very, very sad.

Certainly Benzion Netanyahu lived a long and full life, passing at the age of 102, but it's obvious to me that he will go unmourned by most American Jews... and many "progressives" will cheer.


  1. Happiness at the death or illness of their ideological enemies is kind of a hallmark with progressives. We see it time and again at places like dKos and HP. It is sickening beyond belief.

    1. Y'know, Doodad, it seems to me that the progressive-left has given up any claim it may have had to liberalism once and for all.

      It's a shame, because I grew up associating the left with the liberal, and associated myself with both. The fact is, the left tossed the liberal ideal into the garbage as it gave way to multiculturalism and when it capitulated to radical Islam.

    2. Progressives are NOT Liberal. Even the nomenclature is narcissistic. eg if THEY are "progressive," others are NOT. This is, of course, absurd.