Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jew Splits Anti-Zionist Lip

Mike L.

(Cross-Posted at Geoffff's Joint, Bar and Grill.)

In certain quarters people are upset that an IDF officer smacked an anti-Zionist activist in the mouth with his rifle.

Speaking strictly for myself, I find it very difficult to care.

Andreas Ias is a member of the anti-Zionist International Solidarity Movement (ISM) that believes that Israel must dissolve itself as a Jewish state by allowing millions of non-Israeli Arabs to move into the country in order to swamp the tiny, and thus vulnerable, Middle East Jewish population. The guy is a member of an organization that is an enemy to the Jewish people and who would, if he could, deprive the Jews of the Middle East of their means of self-defense. Toward this end he seeks to help "Palestinians" delegitimize the Jewish state through stunts that are meant to make Israel look bad before the world community.

And now the poor guy has a busted lip.

Gee, I'm heart-broken, I tell ya.


  1. Dear ISM types. Don't throw bicycles at soldiers and you probably won't get tapped with a rifle butt......Activism Survival 101.

    Also, why in the world is Israel still allowing terrorist loving, terrorist aiding ISM types into Israel in the first place? Their complicity goes way beyond simple protesting. Throw 'em in jail.

  2. Good point Doodad. The liberalism in allowing these creeps to get up front and personal and make their Pallywood-style propaganda videos, while on one level admirable for its idealism, has become dangerous.

    Any foreigner who enters a country with the specific intention of inciting violence and engaging in public racist attacks (such as ISM), which would be in violation of visa conditions of every country in the world, would be jailed, deported and put on a permanent ban list. Except it seems Israel. That should change. About six months for a first offence sounds about right. There should be no possibility of a second offence.

    1. I agree even though I know progressive heads will explode at the thought. Point is, Israel is a country that is at WAR. Lives are at stake here; not that it matters to these clowns.

  3. If there was excessive force, it should be punished in some manner.

    Each case depends on its own facts.

    That said, it is better to allow expression and do nothing that takes away from the extremism the protesters project to the reasonably inclined, rather than create any sympathy.

    1. Honestly, can't say I personally care much about what happened to the little turd. Then again, here's the bigger point - what other country in that region, upon their treatment of massive numbers of people, who are explicitly outspoken towards dedicating their lives to ending that country's existence, showing up and confronting their armed forces, would have resulted in such a ruckus?

      So the little punk was hit in his stupid mouth. At least he wasn't shot down in the streets, beheaded or given fifty lashes. Maybe he should be given a tour of the rest of the Middle East to make a more fair comparison...

    2. Exactly. Thank G-d he wasn't doing it in say....Iran.

    3. Like I said, if it was excessive, then it should be dealt with appropriately. This applies even to turds.

  4. "It's been a long time since we had an event that made it possible to portray Israel as a monster," Yemini wrote sarcastically. "No 'Cast Lead,' no massacre in Jenin, not even a mini-intifada. The promises of a 'million man march' toward Israel's border melted into nothingness, the flotillas stopped coming, even the mass flytilla turned out to be bogus. Nada… And then it happened. It may have seemed for a moment that Israel was successful in hiding the fact that it is a monster – but then the plot was exposed. The ultimate proof was given in a seconds-long segment showing IDF officer Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner striking a Danish 'cyclist' with his gun."

    "At last. The most brutal army on earth was displayed for all to see."


    "Dear readers – we have gone mad. We have simply gone mad."

    Yemini notes that the "cyclists" are in facts anarchists, mostly European, who support Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. "They are part of the red-green alliance between Islamists and the radical Left." The International Solidarity Movement, to which the Danish anarchist belongs, openly supports terror against Israel."