Thursday, April 19, 2012

Occupy Tampa posts anti-Semitic cartoon on Holocaust Day


The movement's Facebook page gets flooded with comments by outraged users over an image of a Jewish man driving a car with a symbol of the UN as the wheel and Obama's face as the stick shift.

THIS is the freaking Jew hating left for you. Jerks.


  1. Y'know, Doodad,

    a lot of times if you post something like this people will say, "Oh, well, this is just anecdotal evidence!"

    Yeah, well, there is nothing invalid about anecdotal evidence. We're not doing a sociological study here.

    But after a while anecdotal evidence begins to build up, drawing a reasonably accurate picture of the truth. The truth that we are unquestionably seeing is an increase in anti-Semitism among progressives, which is largely due to the work of progressive anti-Zionists who take every opportunity that they possible can to drag Israel through the mud.

    They are constantly on the hunt for anything that can be construed as "misbehavior" in order to smack the shit out of Israel with it.

    And they are perverting the very notions of social justice and human rights in order to do it.

  2. Again:

    The term "anti-semitic"/"antisemitic" is a garbage term. It's an imprecise euphemism originally promulgated by a German anti-Jewish racist -- Wilhelm Marr -- and is a term that, now, does not have any beneficial effect in using, and which is a term whose imprecision and vagueness is now even used by genocidal anti-Jewish racists to promote anti-Jewish racism (and is a term which never actually had any beneficial effect in using -- but which is a term whose ineffectiveness and counter-productiveness in using is most manifest now, at this time of global widely propagated genocidal anti-Jewish racism).

    The accurate term is anti-Jewish racism. And, in this particular case -- the case of the cartoon and everything involved with the usage of the cartoon -- the accurate term is genocidal anti-Jewish racism.

    1. I think that you're right, Dan, although it remains unclear to me just why "anti-Semitism" fails to resonate.

      On the progressive-left some would say that "Zionists" have unjustly overused the term in order to deflect discussion of Israeli crimes against humanity... or some such nonsense.

      In any event, "anti-Jewish racism" does resonate better in my ear.

    2. Yep I like the term. I will try and use it from now on but bear with me. Old habits die hard.

  3. BTW:

    UN Vehicles Participate in Iran's Army Day Military Parade (video footage from IRINN TV (Iran), April 17, 2012)


    How did the Holocaust happen? Just look around.

    1. Dan, I read somewhere yesterday, don't remember the link, that 50% of Israelis currently believe a second Holocaust could happen. Who can fault them when stuff like this happens? Stupid UN.

  4. Doodad, yes.

    But, it's, actually, individual psychological pathology.

    Anti-Jewish bigotry is the feeling of antipathy toward, and the blaming of, and the scapegoating of, others who are people whose existence oneself perceives as threatening the ego-worshipping ego-protecting self-identity wrong view that oneself holds.

    And, very many people -- particularly people who hold, and who have certain qualities in their temperaments which have, in part, caused them to have come to hold, socially "prominent", "elite", social positions -- "intellectuals", professors, etc. -- hold an ego-worshipping ego-protecting self-identity wrong view.

    Hence the several thousand-year-old prominence of Jew-hatred -- anti-Jewish racism -- among the "elite" social classes of European, and culturally European, and Middle Eastern, societies.

    I think that Jew-hatred -- anti-Jewish racism -- is, and has always been, largely a "top-down" bigotry -- a bigotry propagated, in various and sophisticated ways, from the "elite", and governing, social classes of European, and culturally European, and Middle Eastern, societies to the "lower" social classes of European, culturally European, and Middle Eastern, societies.

  5. On one of the contemporary manifestations of culturally European (in this case, American) "cultural elite" genocidal anti-Jewish bigotry; and on one of the contemporary manifestations of Jewish Stockholm syndrome:

    Northeastern University — Profs Gone Wild, by Charles Jacobs; "Radical professors give anti-Israel lectures while their Jewish colleagues remain silent."

    An accurate prescient important excerpt from a comment, by commenter Jack Lipkins, on that article:

    "This is a dreafully-more serious problem than most Jews realize. Pre-WWII, german universities were hotbeds of Nazism and contributed mightily to the takeover by the beasts. So too are Jewish teachers and students, not to mention the rest of the US Jewish population, re-enacting the typical Diaspora syndrome of keeping their heads in the sand,hoping the problem will go away."