Friday, April 20, 2012

Media Matters Shows Its Anti-Israel Creds Again


Progressive and Democratic staple Media Matters has been taking it on the chin for awhile now what with the exposure of some of its major players' anti-Israeli stances. Breitbart informs us of some more jerks writing there.

As we revealed yesterday, MJ Rosenberg wasn’t the only anti-Israel extremist working at Media Matters for America: Senior Fellow Eric Boehlert once downplayed genocidal anti-Semitism, routinely suggests that media coverage is too pro-Israel thanks to the intimidation by nefarious forces (hint hint), and defended terrorist professor Sami Al-Arian. Today, we examine Oliver Willis, a research fellow at Media Matters. Just like MJ and Eric, Willis is an anti-Israel extremist with a soft spot for anti-Semitism. Willis once referred to Paul Wolfowitz as “filthy” and Joe Lieberman as “fascistic.” He accused Israel of “Playing Games With American Lives” for building settlements, and wrote that he “can’t wait for the day when we can tell both sides [of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict] to go to hell.” He has stated that “The Democratic Party will be at its best” only once pro-Israel AIPAC-associated liberals like Josh Block are “marginalized.” He has defended via retweet MJ Rosenberg’s use of the white supremacist term “Israel firsters.” He accuses conservatives of attacking “everyone who doesnt march in lockstep with Israel.” And while anti-Israel fanatic Glenn Greenwald accuses me of watering down the term anti-Semitism by pointing out Media Matters’ relentless pattern of providing cover to anti-Semites, he has nothing to say about Willis, who likened one mosque being burned in Tennessee to full-blown Nazi treatment of Jews. Willis isn’t literate on the Israel-Palestinian issue (as with most other issues); his anti-Israel feeling seems to come from groupthink more than from the informed anti-Israel radicalism of MJ Rosenberg or Boehlert. And yet Willis is one of Media Matters’ key in-house policers of right-wing anti-Semitism. Ah, the irony.

Progressives hating Israel! Say it ain't so oh defenders of Progressivism. Guys like these make your apologetics ring hollow especially from their ranks of importance within the Progressive movement.


  1. He accused Israel of “Playing Games With American Lives” for building settlements...

    Building "settlements."

    Is that the same thing as building a town except that is supposed to somehow be nefarious?

    Mark my words, this is Obama's fault.

    If previous US government were opposed, like many of us during the Oslo period, to the building of Jewish neighborhoods in Judea and Samaria, it was Obama that turned it into a precondition for negotiations.

    No one else.

  2. Yeah and no progressive wants to admit that incredibly important sea change. They chalk up talking about it as "right wing," rhetoric. Forget that it may have aided the final death throes of the lame almost zombie peace process. This is important stuff but gets swept under the rug way too often.

    1. The "right-wing" charge is interesting.

      We criticize the progressive-left for the specific reasons that the progressive-left as a movement has made a home for itself anti-Semtic anti-Zionism and because it has emerged as the foremost racist movement in the west today.

      The progressive-left is thus in need of reform.

      That's why we criticize it.

      They however label us "right-wing," not because our beliefs are of the right, but as a means to airily dismiss our criticisms of their movement.