Sunday, April 8, 2012

Netzarim Junction blood libel -- con't


Cute kid. Great actor. I wonder where he is now? I'm betting Bollywood. Maybe on the stage in London at the Shakespeare Globe Theatre. I can just see him in Hamlet. Perhaps he is in India teaching holymen how you can have your intestines spilling out from automatic gunfire without bleeding at all or how to levitate or something ...

This is a giant piece in the jig saw. There was something about this incident that nagged. While I had and have no difficulty accepting that the Hamas and IJ bosses in particular would not hesitate to kill a Palestinian child in the greater interests of the cause (they do it all the time) would they be so stupid as to do it on camera for broadcast? What if something went wrong? Sure there were only Palestinians present and they had complete control of the Western media but Abdul's law suggests what can go wrong will go wrong, as they are now discovering. Were they conning the father and the camera man on how the play would end? Was the killing a stage accident (or at least did they tell the father that)? Did they have such a hold over the father they could just order him to produce one of his children for slaughter?

Of course. The boy was not killed. He wasn't even hurt. He was home that night watching himself on CNN.

No one killed on stage but like all blood libels in history this was a bloody affair.

France 2 must have known this. How can you suppress footage that proves the boy was uninjured and still make some pompous claim to journalistic professionalism? The entire Western media must know this by now. In Australia at least I am not aware of a single report on the fraud let alone its implications for the media, including the Australian media, and its role in fueling modern Jew hatred with an ancient technique. It is just of no interest.

The Islamists have done their homework well. They know what plays at home and abroad especially in Europe. You only have to scratch the surface.


  1. Great you posted this, it needs to be highlighted repeatedly

    Commonly know as "Pallywood"

  2. Shirl, he cut his teeth in Pallywood. I'm tempted to say he spilt his guts there as well but I'm trying not to be coarse. I'm betting he's moved up in the world since then or at least I like to think so. You can't keep talent like that down on the farm for long.

  3. Pallywood is amazing to discover and proof of the power to manipulate the pre-disposed.

    1. How is it that western Jewish liberals, for the most part, continue to ignore this problem?

      They refuse to even name it.

  4. Excellent article Geofffff, as always. Thank you.

    Israel needs to get the truth out. Jewish people need to realize that if the truth about the situation were known, many people who now believe lies and who, therefore, hate Israel, would completely change their minds and would support Israel. Jewish people need to realize that they're in the right. Jewish people need to realize that they're being wronged. Jewish people need to realize that they, themselves, are human beings and deserve to be treated with at least normal human decency.

    Why I no longer hate Israel, by Romeu Monteiro Op-ed; Portuguese blogger explains why he changed his views, fell in love with Israel,7340,L-4213529,00.html

    "I’m a 22-year-old Portuguese gay activist and PhD student. I’m not Jewish, Israeli or even religious, but I am a Zionist and strong supporter of Israel, and I want to explain why. ..."

    "...In 2008, when I was 18 and in college, I found myself criticizing Israel and the Gaza Strip blockade in a YouTube video about the death of Rachel Corrie. I got an answer from an Israeli commenter about my age, who wrote that there was no blockade, as several trucks were crossing into the Strip daily.

    "This greatly confused me and I asked him to present me with his arguments in defense of Israel. I said I would change my mind if they were convincing. He wrote me a long message, telling me about the massacres of Jews in Palestine before Israel existed, the wars of extermination, and the indoctrination for hate of Jews and Israel in the Middle East, among other things, which he compared to several examples of the humanist character of Israel and its society.

    "I read it all and, after verifying the information, I was convinced...

    "My world shook. I became aware that I was making unfair judgments and spreading hate and false propaganda about Israel... I was sad with myself and I felt angry and betrayed that I had trusted so much in organizations I thought were fighting for peace, equality and against prejudice, like I saw them doing for gay rights.

    "I realized I was being fed ignorance and hate by people who were, at best, as ignorant and prejudiced as those they were 'fighting' against while believing themselves to be enlightened individuals and making me believe it too...

    "I read more and more about Israel, and I became fascinated with the amazing story of a people who, against all odds, had managed to survive and remain united through centuries of persecution, fight for their homeland, rebuild their country and revive their language - just like a phoenix rising from the ashes, striving for freedom and peace.

    "I realized Israel is a democratic, tolerant, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, rapidly developing nation. A place I could live in free and more accepted than in my home country, and the only place I could safely set foot at in the Middle East. ..."

    "... At the end it’s a matter of justice. If there’s a people that fights for its right to self-determination and to live in peace, I will be on their side. If there’s a group that is demonized by prejudice and ignorance, I will fight prejudice and ignorance with them. If there’s a culture whose main values include tolerance for different sexual orientations, races and religions - clashing with another one that educates for intolerance and hate - I know which side I'll support. ..."

    Read it all.

    h/t Israpundit (

  5. Thank you for that link, Daniel