Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flytilla = Floptilla.


Well, the latest Flytilla gimmick turns into a great big FLOP! Only 3 activists made it through. Most were kept from boarding planes by their own countries, honoring Israeli requests.

Thus far, 48 activists landed in Israel, the majority of which were transferred to the Givon prison. Nine activists were sent back to their countries of origin, three await departure and two are being held in a special facility.

Given all the latest BDS failures, are we seeing a good trend here? I hope so.


  1. I'm starting to get an inkling that western-left progressive anti-Zionism may be declining somewhat.

    Certainly dkos "I-P" seems on decline, but I cannot know the extent to which dkos, itself, remains in decline or anti-Zionism may be in decline.

    Let's hope for both, shall we?

  2. My thoughts exactly. Certainly dKos could take off like crazy (and I emphasize the word crazy) the next time Israel is forced to defend itself but yeah, the rhetoric there has declined. That's a good thing and it may be they are more concerned with the elections and Trayvon and such.

    Worldwide, it looks like pro-Israeli activists are fighting back in good productive ways, especially vis a vis BDS. The Arab world is in entire disarray and this may mean less time to hate Jews and invest time and money in spreading that hate....being busy at home and all.

    Whatever it is, I'm glad it is!

  3. There is no other farce that compares to show just how irrelevant and inept these "humanitarians" are.

  4. btw, Doodad, I love your title!


  5. Freaking a-hole Flytilla "activists." Look at this.

    "Foreign activist draws swastika on BG Airport wall

    Prior to deportation, pro-Palestinian activist leaves anti-Semitic drawing on holding facility wall....",7340,L-4216958,00.html

    THIS is why they will fail.....this juvenile, insensitive BS.

    1. They are "anti-racist" after all, unless it involves Jews.

    2. The progressive-left is, outside of radical Islam, the most racist political movement in the west today.