Friday, April 6, 2012

"Obama Could Accept Iran Civilian Nuclear Program"

Mike L.

Oh, joy.

US President Barack Obama reportedly sent a secret message to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei expressing a willingness to accept an Iranian civilian nuclear program if Iran can prove it will not pursue nuclear weapons, The Washington Post reported Friday.

The bottom line is that the Democratic Party and the "progressive-left" have accepted Iranian nukes.

I, however, have not.

This is a bottom line question, is it not?

Do we, or do we not, wish to allow Iran... the center of political Islam... to gain nuclear weaponry?

That's the main question at this political moment if you care about the well-being of the Jewish people in the Middle East.

My answer is NO.

I simply do not find it explicable that Jewish people, who presumably care about the well-being of the other half of us that live in Israel, could possibly be indifferent to the possibility of Iranian nukes.

What I see is American Jewish deference to Obama administration deference to Iranian nukes, despite the fact that the ayatollahs and jihadis scream bloody murder at us on a daily basis.

{It is both pathetic and dangerous.}

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