Sunday, December 2, 2012

After UN vote, Israel to suspend PA funds

Mike L. 
Finance Minister Steinitz says won't transfer tax payments to Palestinians in response to UN bid. 'I'll use the money to offset their debt to the Electric Corp,' he states. PM Netanyahu: We'll continue building in Jerusalem 
Israeli government continues to punish Palestinians over UN bid: Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz stated Sunday morning that he would not transfer the tax payments collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority this month.

The move followed the approval of 3,000 new housing units beyond the Green Line and the furthering of planning procedures in the area connecting Jerusalem and the town of Ma'aleh Adumim that could prevent the creation of a contiguous Palestinian state...

Netanyahu clarified that Israel will "continue to build in Jerusalem and in all the places of the State of Israel's map of strategic interests. The PA's unilateral move at the UN is a blatant violation of agreements, and therefore the Israeli government rejects the General Assembly resolution.

"I would like to clarify once again – there will be no Palestinian state without an agreement guaranteeing the security of Israel's citizen, there will be no Palestinian state before the State of Israel is recognized as the Jewish people's state, and there will be no Palestinian state before the Palestinians declare the end of the conflict."
Why in this world should Israel collect and distribute tax money for the Palestinian Authority?

By the way, whatever else this most recent UN bid may be about, it certainly has nothing whatsoever to do with establishing a Palestinian state in peace next to the Jewish one.  What it's really about is lawfare and the effort to delegitimize Israel.

Furthermore, it is not about anything resembling social justice or human rights.  If social justice was involved the UN might have condemned the shooting of hundreds and hundreds of rockets into to southern Israel throughout all of this year by the Palestinians, culminating in the truly horrendous rocket barrage in the middle of last month just prior to Israel's response and the Obama administration's interference for the purpose of  protecting Hamas.

They didn't.

This leads me to observe that the member states of the United Nations, with a few notable exceptions, do not consider violence against Jews to actually count as violence.

In any case, Israel owes the Palestinians absolutely nothing and nothing is what they should get from her.


  1. Basically the UN channels people like Diane Gee who exclaim, "Fuck Israel."

    To Hell with them.

  2. Unlike the UN and Diane Gee etc, real people everywhere sometimes shine through the darkness

    "'Hatikva' in Philippines

    Hundreds march for Israel in Manila

    With Hebrew songs blasting from loudspeakers and shofar blowing, hundreds of Filipinos express their solidarity with Israel despite their government's pro-Palestinian vote at UN

    VIDEO - Not long after the historical UN vote upgrading the Palestinians' diplomatic status to a non-member observer state over the weekend, hundreds of Filipinos held a colorful and festive march in Manila in support of Israel, despite the fact that the Philippines government voted for the Palestinian status upgrade.

    Some 300-400 Filipinos gathered in a busy Manila business district, some armed with huge signs, Israeli flags, white and blue balloons, loudspeakers booming songs in Hebrew, and even some shofarot.

    They were followed by a convoy of some 50-60 cars, decorated with signs reading, "Standing with Israel, now and then," hinting at 1947 when the Philippines was the first Asian country to vote in support of the founding of the Jewish nation.....",7340,L-4314475,00.html

  3. Can you believe THIS?

    " 'Remove Hamas from list of terrorist organizations'
    12/02/2012 17:50
    Ismail Haniyeh calls on US, EU to recognize Hamas as a national liberation movement, defending against "Israeli aggression."

    Trouble is I wouldn't put it past them to do it given all that has happened lately.

  4. The Nazi hyenas are screaming for Jewish blood.

    If you read the talk-backs in the articles concerning the UN resolution there is a lot of eliminationist rhetoric about the State of Israel.

    That's what all of this is about.

    But one thing that needs to remain foremost in our minds, I think, is that for the entire course of 2012 Hamas shelled southern Israel, ruining the economy, forcing people to move away, and culminating in that barrage of several hundred rockets over the course of just a few days last month and we're heard not a peep from the same people who scream from the rooftops about Israeli aggression as soon as that country finally responded.

    These "human rights activists" do not give a rip about Jewish blood and they consider Jewish self-defense a form of aggression.

    The international left honestly believes that the Jews of the Middle East have some moral obligation to lie down and die.