Monday, December 17, 2012

Ministry to advance approvals of 6,500 units in east J'lem

Mike L. 
After three years in limbo following major diplomatic crises between US, Israel, 1,500 apartment units in Ramat Shlomo receive final approval; more units expected to be approved throughout the week; PA condemn decision. 
After spending nearly three years in limbo for causing a major diplomatic crises between the United States and Israel, the 1,500 apartment units in Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo received final approval from the Interior Ministry on Monday. This means construction can begin in the coming year.
So three years after the Obama administration threw a hissy-fit because the Israeli interior ministry gave its approval to build in a part of Jerusalem that everyone knew would be part of Israel in any negotiated settlement, now Israel has given final approval and they can start building all those houses and apartments and shopping malls and day-care centers.

Good for them.

When the UN recently voted in favor of giving "Palestine" non-member state status it, essentially, voted down the Oslo agreements.   Israel therefore has little reason not to build anywhere in Jerusalem that it chooses.  When Hamas bombed the holy hell out of southern Israel throughout last year, culminating in a horrendous bombardment in the middle of November, and the international community remained silent, they proved their moral vacancy.  When they arose as one to condemn Jewish self-defense in the face of those rocket attacks, they proved their moral hypocrisy.

For those who are concerned about the apparent demise of the two-state solution, it has to be noted that the foundation for two states can come about either through negotiations or unilaterally.  Since the Arabs, including the Palestinian Arabs, have rejected every offer for a state in peace next to Israel going back to 1937, this means that they have conclusively rejected a negotiated settlement.  The Palestinians have shown us time and time again that what they want is the demise of Israel.  Recent polling even demonstrates that almost 90 percent of Palestinians in Gaza and the territories favor violence against innocent Israeli civilians.

Israel cannot count on the international community nor, obviously, the United Nations.  Israel cannot count on the European governments nor the two-faced Obama administration.  Nor can Israel count on the international left which interprets Jewish self-defense as a form of aggression.  Nor can Israel really count on many "progressive" diaspora Jews who believe in their hearts that Israel is mainly responsible for Arab aggression against it.

Israel can count only on itself.  And perhaps that's how it should be.

If there is to be a two state solution, Israel will have to lay the necessary ground through a unilateral declaration of final borders.

Otherwise you can forget about it.


  1. Israel is the ONLY rational actor in this thing. No other sovereign country in the world would let itself be told where and what it can build by anyone. And if the "international community,"says it's because it's provocative of the Palestinians well guess what? That's a scam; any rational person can see that. There's no way Israelis should suffer because of some Palestinian gambit which has never and will never in the near future lead to peace.

    BUILD AWAY, Israel. If the Palestinians are interested in peace (which they are not) they will get their asses to the table and stop whining (which they won't.)

    1. Yup.

      How many more decades must pass before we finally take the Palestinians at their word? The Hamas charter calls for genocide, while the PLO and the PA's founding documents merely call for the elimination of the Jewish state.

      Shouldn't we begin to think... lo these many years later... that they mean precisely what they say?

      I do.

      I respect the fact that they mean exactly what they say.

      Thus there is, in fact, no diplomatic solution.

      If this is true, and I believe it is, the only option open is unilateral.

      Israel needs to declare its final borders.

      This is becoming a mantra with me, I think.

  2. "Israel can count only on itself. And perhaps that's how it should be."

    That is absolutely how it should be, if history has taught us anything.

  3. Those who oppose this development can do so only on the racist grounds that Israeli Jews, as opposed to (say)Israeli Arabs, have no right to live in parts of Jerusalem. How long are the Israelis expected to put up with such an obscene notion in the interests of some negotiated settlement that is not even on the table?

    In fact decidedly off the table. Cool. So be it.

    Who thinks dividing the capital is a good idea anyway? The Europeans?

    Fuck the Europeans.

    Similarly developing A1 does not destroy the "two state solution" and it is typically vile left propaganda to suggest it does. Those you claim it bifurcates the "West Bank" obviously have a problem with maps.

    It does however mitigate against dividing Jerusalem in some mythical future negotiated solution.


    Bring it on.

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    Hat tip to Jihad Watch (