Friday, December 7, 2012

Tomorrow is Chahahanukkah

Mike L.

So, there is no possible way that I can let the moment pass without giving you guys this one:

And since the sun is beginning to set on this Friday evening, and I see purple clouds outside my window, there is this:

You guys will probably not hear from me at all tomorrow... probably... so have a terrific Chahahanukkah!

{And don't let the bastards get you down!  Cheers!}


  1. You Left Coast Supremacist, we ain't seen light out here between the Delaware and the Schuylkill for over four hours now!

    It's okay, though. I was one of those myself when I had the misfortune of living out on the less coast. ;-P


    Temple football is currently head coach-less. I'm gonna walk down the street and let them know I'm available!

    Gonna gather up me a half dozen fellow Kenzos, and we'll call it Jay's March to the T.

    (You can see the Temple campus, and its building's many T's, from almost everywhere in North Philadelphia, especially from the platforms of the El stations here in Kensington)

    Berks Street will never be the same again after my triumphant arrival on campus to accept the position!



    Quick plug for the best dive bar in all of Philadelphia. Wonder Years, right under the Girard El. This is where one can generally find Jay on many evenings, if one is so inclined.

    The music is straight 90s, with a little bit of mid to late 80s mixed in here and there, and it's a perfect demographic cross-section of this little corner of Philly. African American, Irish, Puerto Rican and Polish; and though they don't come into the bar, it's even set on the same block as two Black Muslim hangouts, an Albanian Muslim cultural center, and a Lebanese grocery.

    Friday nights are Karaoke night, and as I sipped my Yards IPA while watching the first half of the Sixers game and waiting for the #5 bus home about an hour ago, I heard Guns-N-Roses, Bell Biv DeVoe, GangStarr (Mass Appeal! the greatest hip hop instrumental of all time), Hootie & The Blowfish, and Eric B. & Rakim.

    Just amazing stuff.

    Just speaking for myself, no bastards will ever get me down as long as I'm here in my favorite city in the world! :-D

  2. Wondering which 'mainstream' blog will be the first on which will appear accusations of the US shooting magical cancer rays (again?) at Chavez. My money is on Daily Rense, where Ahmadinejad's BFF has a large number of fans. Actually, the first moment I began to view that site for what it really is wasn't an I-P thing, but it was reading diaries and comments by the Hugo Chavez Fan Club there a few years ago.

    I can't wait for more brilliant and incisive, no-bs commentary like this!

    His killing of foreing narratives on imperialism (0+ / 0-)
    Have allowed foreign countries to open up and rise up like in Egypt and Libya. Unfortunately the Imperialist narrative is still holding strong in Venezuela.

    Fuck yeah, you tell 'em elmaji!

    (At least that one didn't get any recs, probably only because it wasn't in English)