Monday, December 3, 2012

Latest Times of Israel Piece

The Failures of Progressive-Left Zionism: Ignoring Jewish History

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This one is long overdue.

Time to resurrect the series!

Back by popular demand!

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  1. btw, as an aside, when I take a gander at our traffic, I see that "THE FAILURES OF PROGRESSIVE-LEFT ZIONISM" series is one of the more popular aspects of Israel Thrives.

    People are thirsty for a change in perspective, that much is obvious.

    We've also broken all traffic records for IT with over 13,000 page views last month, according to blogger's stats.

    We fight on and we continue to re-think.

    That's the main thing.

    The Jewish left, which most of us come out of, is in a very boring and counterproductive rut because they have not, yet, thought their way past Oslo.

    They're making love to a corpse.

    I find it grotesque.