Monday, December 3, 2012

As opposition stiffens, US calls on Israel to pull back from settlement plan

Mike L. 
Several European capitals on Monday summoned Israeli ambassadors to sharply express unhappiness over Israel’s plans to significantly expand settlement construction, as anger over the move worldwide continued to simmer... 
Yet officials in Jerusalem said they would not back down from the plan, which is seen as a punitive measure against the Palestinians for going to the United Nations to be upgraded to a nonmember observer state.

The foreign ministries of France, Britain, Spain, Denmark and Sweden on Monday summoned and sharply rebuked the Israeli ambassadors to their countries. An Israeli official quoted by Israel Radio said the tone of the rebukes was “harsh and very unpleasant.”... 
White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters that the administration was calling on Israel to reconsider the plan and urged restraint.

“We urge Israeli leaders to reconsider these unilateral decisions and exercise restraint as these actions are counterproductive and make it harder to resume direct negotiations to achieve a two state solution,” he said...  
An official in the Prime Minister’s Bureau responded Monday to European outrage over Israel’s decision to build in the E1 zone. “Israel will fulfill its vital interests even in the face of international pressure and will not reverse its decision,” an unnamed official told Ynet news.
There's something happening heeeere

What it is ain't exactly cleeeare

There's a man with a gun over theeeere

Tellin' me I got to beware...

Get used to ambiguity.


  1. Awwwwwww, stupid leftists will be crying over this; not nearly as bad as expected like recalling ambassadors. BTW here's a really great pic to cheer us all up

    and the source

    1. Don't believe Israel cares at this point.

      What the Europeans don't get is that the way they act, the double standard, shows Israel that Europeans are as imagined.

      It goes both ways, and Israel has no incentive to cooperate, but to act for its own interest in this hostile world that sees Jews as an annoyance.

      They can rely on Arab know how for the next Nobel.

    2. Well that and the fact that every day it seems there are increasing violent antisemitic acts and rhetoric from European nations then they turn around and lecture Jews and Israel. IMO they have no moral authority to do so at all, ever. I'm sure Israelis feel the same.

  2. Alanis Morissette just arrived in Israel for a concert and visit. Who would have thought she'd have bigger balls than Stevie Wonder et al? Course she is Canadian.

  3. I like this comment and the article that inspired it.

    "Europe has a fairly well documented history all the way back to the 10th century of decreeing where it shall and shall not permit Jews to live under pain of death, conversion or expulsion for violating. This is no different than that. We in today's world tend to forget that in practical terms, the emancipation of the Jews in Europe lasted only from 1870-1933. 63 years of not being ghettoized, pogrommed, burned at the stake, expelled, for the most part, with only brief eruptions of Dreyfus trials and the like. We shouldn't take that 63 year period of semi-civilzation as outweighing the other 1,100 or so years of outright persecution, and cruel restrictions on where the fine upstanding people of Europe have suffered the Jews to breathe and live albeit under the constant threat of immediate destruction. So when the corridors of power in the EU once again declare they are the final arbiters of where Jews shall be permitted to live, we shouldn't be shocked or angered. This isn't what they do, it's who they are."