Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Mike L.

One of the rising stars in Israeli politics today is Naftali Bennett of the right-leaning Jewish Home party which is poised to make considerable electoral gains in the upcoming elections.  Bennett has recently come under fire for an ill-considered remark suggesting that, as a soldier, he would disobey IDF orders to evict Jewish "settlers" from their homes.  He has since backed off that statement.

Nonetheless, this is someone who we are likely to be hearing from going forward and in the brief video above he lays out the "Bennett Plan" for Judea and Samaria.

What he suggests is that Israel annex "Area C" which contains around 360,000 Jews and about 50,000 Arabs, giving all residents full citizenship if they wish.  In areas A and B, which contain about 1.8 million Arabs, and very few Jews, he would offer them local autonomy, but not statehood.  Statehood would need to be denied on the grounds that the local Arab population is perpetually hostile and therefore Israel cannot afford a militarized Palestinian state looking down upon, and lobbing rockets at, the Israelis along the coastal plains.

He would ensure transportational contiguity between all sections of areas A and B and would, taking a page from Netanyahu's book, heavily invest in the Arab economy of that region in order to help ease tensions.

Somewhat to his left is PM Netanyahu and to his left is Tzippi Livni, who still holds out hope for a negotiated conclusion of hostilities.  To his right is Jerusalem Post columnist Martin Sherman who argues that Bennett's plan is unworkable and that Israel should annex all of Judea and Samaria, giving the local Arabs limited autonomy without the national franchise.

What I think is that it should be obvious by now that the local Arabs have no intention whatsoever of agreeing to a state for themselves in peace next to Israel and therefore Oslo is over.  In fact, by declaring "Palestine" non-member state status at the United Nations, both the Palestinian Authority and the international community have abrogated, and thus concluded, the Oslo accords.  For this reason I would not support Livni or her newly formed Hatnuah party.

My argument, for some time now, has been that Israel needs to declare its final borders and remove the IDF to behind those borders.  Bennett's plan probably comes closest to that suggestion, although I do not know that Israel should annex all of area C as it is currently constituted.  I would argue that the regions of Israeli annexation should contain all the major settlement blocs near the "green line," but leave as much territorial contiguity possible for an Arab state, with Ramallah as the capital.

In any case, Israel should not allow the division of the Jewish capital of Jerusalem.

The "Palestinians" have earned the lovely city of Ramallah and they should have it.


  1. You don't make peace with enemies (in this case, certain Arab leaders) by acquiescing to any of their demands ("'compromising' with them") while they are still stating that they are your enemies and that they intend to destroy you and while they are still intending to destroy you. Doing so just supports them in their effort to destroy you and "legitimizes" them and their intention to destroy you in the eyes of others. Doing so is foolish.

    I recently, about a month ago, read that Stevie Wonder was going to cancel his previously scheduled performance in Israel for the Israeli army.* He canceled it because he had received protest petitions from "Pro-Palestinan" groups, and because the United Nations "recommended canceling his performance".

    Wonder pulls out of Friends of the IDF concert



    Kim Kardashian and Jon Lovitz recently received death wishes on twitter for defending Israel.

    ‘F**k ‘Em,’ ‘Just Kill Yourself’: Kim Kardashian & Jon Lovitz Face Backlash, Death Wishes for Defending Israel


    Jewish people still don't get it. It's about belief in a narrative -- a false intendedly genocidal anti-Jewish narrative. Why don't Jewish people understand this? Why don't "Jewish leaders" understand this? Why don't the leaders of the government of Israel understand this? What is wrong with Jewish people?

    The following articles explain what is wrong with Jewish people.


    1. (from continued)

      The Paradox of the Jewish Mind, by David Solway


      "...Of all the peoples of the world, Jews can least afford to be stupid, or merely selectively brilliant. What is the point of excelling at chemistry, or jurisprudence, or music, or philosophy, or literature or any other subject if there is not much gi behind it, if the Jewish mind is incapable of coming to grips with a complex, unforgiving, belligerent and actual world that has never fully accepted the Jew as a fellow human being and has often moved to humiliate, oppress and, indeed, exterminate him. Such smart-stupid Jews are the affliction of their people and, in the last analysis, their own worst enemies. For in the event of another anti-Semitic rampage or genocide — which by their indifference, complicity, or quixotic utopianism they would have helped to bring about — they too, just like their targeted ancestors and regardless of their achievements, would be flung into the ditches of history. ..."

      The Psychology of Populations under Chronic Siege, by Kenneth Levin


      "The phenomenon of Diaspora Jews embracing as truth the indictments of Jew-haters has been so commonplace that a literature on the subject emerged under the rubric 'Jewish self-hatred.' A similar predilection evolved in Israel, particularly among the nation's cultural elites, in the context of the Arab siege.

      "Segments of populations under chronic siege commonly embrace the indictments of the besiegers, however bigoted and outrageous. They hope that by doing so and reforming accordingly they can assuage the hostility of their tormenters and win relief. This has been an element of the Jewish response to anti-Semitism throughout the history of the Diaspora.

      "The paradigm on the level of individual psychology is the psychodynamics of abused children, who almost invariably blame themselves for their predicament, ascribe it to their being 'bad,' and nurture fantasies that by becoming 'good' they can mollify their abusers and end their torment.

      "The rhetoric of the Israeli Peace Movement, its distortions of Arab aims and actions, and its indictments of Israel likewise reflected the psychological impact of chronic besiegement. The Oslo process that the Peace Movement spawned entailed policies grounded in wishful thinking and self-delusion analogous to that of abused children. ..."

      Explaining Jewish Political Behavior, by Barry Rubin


      "The key to understanding contemporary Jewish political behavior in Europe and North America is the history of Jewish assimilation strategy. ..."
      "...While antisemites charge that all or almost all Jews in positions of power pursue a distinctively Jewish interest, the exact opposite is the truth. ..."

      Tell the facts that dispel the false intendedly genocidal anti-Jewish narrative!

      Note: * I read about Stevie Wonder canceling his performance in Israel in the following comment on Caroline Glick's blog: http://www.carolineglick.com/e/2012/11/a-few-notable-anniversaries-on.php#comment-228646