Saturday, December 29, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood Tops List of 2012 Anti-Semitic Slurs

Mike L. 
The Muslim Brotherhood topped the Simon Weisenthal Center’s list of anti-Semitic/anti-Israel slurs of 2012. The two main offenders were the organizations moral guide, Mohammed Badie, and Futouh abd al-Nabi Mansour, an Egyptian cleric who heads the religious endowment for the Matrouh Governate.

Badie was quoted as saying: “the Jews have dominated the land, spread corruption on earth, spilled the blood of believers and in their actions profaned holy places. Zionists only understand the language of force and will not relent without duress. this will happen only through holy Jihad.”
It can't be emphasized enough that this is the organization that Barack Obama supports and helped usher into power in Egypt.

How is it that liberal American Jews got so ideologically twisted that they could support an American president with a foreign policy that is so radically conservative that it bolsters the foremost hard-right, genocidally anti-Jewish organization on the planet today?

Progressive-left American Jewry is deeply in denial and Barack Obama's support for the Brotherhood is anything but liberal.  There is nothing the least little bit liberal about oppressing women, murdering Gays, driving non-Muslims out of the Middle East, and advocating for the genocide of the Jews.

When you support the Brotherhood that is what you are supporting and that is, despite his best intentions... presuming he has "best intentions"... what Barack Obama supports.  On domestic policy Obama is a liberal, but on foreign policy he is deeply conservative, even radically conservative and far to the right of your average Republican.


  1. Speaking of antisemites. Check out this Nazi's zesty call for a revolution against Teh Jooz.

    What sticks out most to me, aside from the diarist having over a dozen supporters of her Stormfront-worthy rant, is that despite a higher-than-usual number of troll ratings, it's still largely the same people there doing the pushback.

    Where are all those other good 'progressives' who, while trolling the extremely rare pro-I diary at that site, loudly protest that they fight antisemitism when they see it, too? Because there isn't a clearer example than this. This is a pretty easy opportunity for them to demonstrate that claim, no? I guess they only do it in secret. Or they're full of shit. Take your pick.

    1. Jeez, Jay, what are all these hard-line, right-wing, conservatives doing on a liberal blog like Daily Kos?

      I have it on reliable authority that anti-Zionism is not a left-wing phenomenon and, yet, there they are on left-wing venues.

      How is this possible?