Monday, December 24, 2012

Indian Jews from 'Lost Tribe' move to Israel

Mike L. 
Some 50 Jews believed to be descended from one of 10 Lost Tribes of Israel make aliyah

A group of 50 Jews said to descend from one of the 10 Lost Tribes immigrated to Israel Thursday from their village in northeastern India.

The members of the Bnei Menashe community prayed in their local synagogue and then hugged their crying relatives before heading off to the airport in the Manipur state capital of Imphal, 34 miles away.

The Bnei Menashe say they are descended from Jews banished from ancient Israel to India in the eighth century BC.
One might think that because I posted this I would have something to say about it.

Other than the fact that it just pleases me to no end, I don't.

G-d bless them and keep them.


  1. I know nothing of this either, but yeah. The main thing I take away from it is that Israel will have more Indian food soon, and this will only further solidify her place in my imagination as the greatest cuisinary country on the planet!

    (One day, I'll make it there to see myself...)

  2. You lost for words Mike?

    Wow that's a first!!

    What's up with you guys.This has been in the offing for ages

    1. I seem to recall that it wasn't all that long ago where they found some Lost Jews in the Amazonian basin.

      It just cracks me up.

      I have no reason to doubt anyone's Jewish authenticity, but I just find it hysterical how a couple of times a year, now, I find myself reading about this uncovered Jewish group planning to make aliyah and then another, some months later and half way around the world.


      I just honestly don't quite know what to make of it, yet for some reason it pleases me to know end!

      I still feel great pride concerning Israel's airlifting of Ethiopian Jews.

      {Racist country, my ass.}

    2. One of the questions the rabbis ask a prospective convert to Judaism (ger) is, "Why do you want to become a Jew? Don't you know from the history of the Jewish people that it's nothing but trouble?" (It's not "nothing but trouble," but the conversion boards do everything to dissuade non-Jews from converting; only the really really serious about it are accepted.)

      Yet here we see a lot of groups wishing to join their fates with the Jewish nation anyway. It makes no rational sense, which is why I find the phenomenon so enchanting.


      "Racist country, my ass."

      Yeah, but "racism" today doesn't have anything to do with biology (one anti-Zionist on CiFWatch actually said exactly that). Pretty much the only thing you can know by this word is that the Progressives hate the one they used it on.