Monday, October 12, 2015

A Pop Quiz


Pop Quiz1 {Editor's Note - everyone please stop talking and take your seats.  We are going to have a pop quiz in the form of a multiple choice examination that was created by Emmet.  The fundamental question is what descriptions accurately describes each of the following?

And no chewing gum in class!}

Number 1, The Iran Nuclear Deal:
a)  President Obama's antipathy to Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia propelled him to sign the deal.

b)  President Obama's antipathy to Israel propelled him to sign the deal.

c)  President Obama was very disingenuous in not calling it a treaty, (two thirds of Congress would have had to ratify it) but, an “agreement”.

d)  Anyway, the Europeans were threatening to unilaterally break the sanctions regulations.

e)  No deal would have meant war. 

Number 2, With their vote for the Iran Nuclear Deal, Congresspeople Wasserman -Schultz, Nadler, Booker, et al:
a)  Showed they are afraid of President Obama's revenge. (remember Senator Menendez)

b)  Showed their allegiance to the Democratic Party (and it's ultra liberal wing) rather than to America.

c)  Were confident that they cold still cajole the “Jewish” vote with it's contributors, to support them in future campaigns.

d) They voted their conscience. 

Number 3, anti-Semites:
a)  Ayatollah Khamenei is an anti-Semite.

b)  President Erdogan of Turkey is an anti-Semite.  

c)  Pat Buchanan is an anti-Semite.

d). Hitler was an anti-Semite.  

Number 4. Jerusalem:
a)  The Temple in Jerusalem was built by King Solomon after King David proclaimed Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.

b)  In the Koran, Sura 17, Solomon's temple is described.

c) The Turks built the Al Aksa mosque stating, it is on the spot where the temple stood, to show that Islam supercedes all religions.

d) Jerusalem should be internationalized. 

Number 5. Fences/walls:
a) Turkey built a fence on Cyprus separating the Greek and Turkish communities. This prevents the Greek Cypriots from ever recovering their property now inhabited by Turks

b)  The Spanish  have built a fence encircling their cities, Ceuta and Melilla, on the African continent surrounded by Morocco, to prevent Africans from entering Europe.

c)  The Egyptians have built a fence between the Sinai peninsula  and Gaza successfully reducing, the construction of tunnels, smuggling, terrorist infiltration, etc.

d) The wall in Israel is illegitimate.

Number 6. Gaza:
a)  Is home to terrorists.

b)  All polls show that a large majority of it's inhabitants hate Jews.

c)  Christians have been driven out. The last Christian bookstore closed two years ago.

d)  Is an open air prison administered by Israel.   

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