Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"Occupation": The gift that keeps on giving

Michael L.

Editor's note.  Every once in awhile I come across a random comment by someone I do not know, but that I feel compelled to share.  Under an article in PJ Media by Ben Weingarten entitled, Israel, the Media’s Hard Bigotry of ‘High’ Expectations and the Obama Intifada - Hat Tip to Kate - we find this comment by B. Meislin:
The "occupation" is the key here. The claim of "occupation" is the strategy. The need for "occupation" is the tactic.

It's working magnificently.

No, the occupation must not be relinquished until the State of Israel is either erased or tottering on the brink.

It must be exploited to the hilt and never given up until it has served its purpose.

It is the reason why the Palestinians are believed---by all the beautiful people (and some less beautiful)---to be justified in doing and saying whatever they want. In killing and slaughtering, in lying and threatening, in rewriting history.

In denying Jews and Israelis any and all rights.

It is the Palestinians' ace in the hole. It is their "Get out of jail free" card. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

It is the reason why the Palestinians are defended to the hilt. It is the reason why Israel is widely considered the new Nazi Germany.... all the beautiful people (and some less beautiful)....

The "occupation" is the reason why anyone and everyone who hates the State of Israel and threatens it with destruction is not only given a pass but widely supported.

Alas, all those poor, miserable, occupied, oppressed Palestinians; "oppressed" only because they have thus far failed to destroy the State of Israel.

Thus far, at least.

But they are determined. They will not stop. They will insist on "suffering" because their "suffering" works wonders.

If they kill Israelis, they win (pass the sweets). If they are killed, they win as well.

Meanwhile, Israel is under greater and greater pressure; greater and greater delegitimization; greater and greater villification; greater and greater hatred.

No, the Palestinians will never give up this precious, priceless commodity.

They would be incredibly stupid to do so. And they are anything but stupid.

And yet, and yet, people---smart people, brilliant people, caring people, sensitive people, sophisticated people, professors, diplomats, world leaders, religious clergy---expect that the Palestinians will give up their ace in the hole.

All these people---among them, alas, Jews and Israelis---expect, hope,dream, that the Palestinians will give up this incredibly effective, all purpose tool, this blessed crowbar with which they plan to upend the entire Zionist Entity.

No matter how long it takes. They are in it for the duration.

Sorry, no dice. The "occupation" is extraordinarily useful. It is sacrosanct.

It is why all offers for deals were rejected.

It is the reason why all future offers for deals will be rejected.

It is the reason why the Palestinians can make maximalist demands and then say "no, sorry" when such demands are not met.

So no, there can be no "deal".

Because the "occupation" is the method---the strategy and the tactic---with which to erase the Jewish State; and it must be continued until the goal is reached.

Unless Israel agrees to commit suicide first.

(Which the enlightened nations---and citizens---of the world are all urging Israel to do...though it is a bit curious, even ironic, that such nations seem, currently, to be in the throes of embracing their own suicide....)

No, the Palestinians will never be held accountable as long as "Palestine" is "occupied."

They will be able to kill with abandon; they will be able to lie with abandon; they will be able to threaten with abandon

And all this with the blessings of the world community.

While Israel, its leaders, its supporters and its citizens will be vilified and reviled for not being able to make peace; for not having the courage to make peace; for not having the foresight to make peace; for not having the desire to make peace...

...with those who have every intention of destroying her.

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  1. There is a brilliant simplicity in that one message. While the Jews squabble amongst themselves, the Arabs shout one word. This is why the Jews have to utter one word "Murder". That is the answer to all questions about these Arabs. They murder. Murder. Say it over and over a million times. They are murderers. Don't be dissuaded. Every college campus every NPR event every street corner protest. They are murderers. Today an American citizen died by murder in Israel. Murdered by an Arab. And he was a far left Obama man. And Obama (here is my shocked face!) said nothing. Because he embraces murderers. Murderers of Jews. The UN? An altar of murder. The BBC,NYT and Guardian are websites for murderers. They work in the pursuance of murder. Jodi Rudoren is a murder enabler. Ben Weideman is a murder sympathizer. The US State Department is aligned with murder. That is what they espouse. Don't ask them to explain it simply repeat it over and over and over and over and over. Call your Congressperson or Senator and explain to them what being a supporter for murder is and what it means. Don't ask them to defend or excuse or explain their point of view, simply spell out that they are or could be cheerleaders for murder, often murder of American citizens. They are clearly ok with that and that's the message that will go out.