Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dear Arabs

Vic Rosenthal

{Vic, of Abu Yehuda fame, was kind enough to allow me to reprint this piece.  I think that it is a necessary read. - Michael L.}

Dear Arabs,
The truth is we aren’t writing this for you, because you probably aren’t listening. But these things need to be said.
We are not going to lecture you about how the Jewish people are the original inhabitants of the land and you are newcomers, colonialists even. All that is true, but we don’t want to argue theoretically. We want to talk tachlis (you’ve been here long enough to know what that means).
You have been sold a false bill of goods by your leaders, who have grown fat over the years by maintaining the fiction that you are going to throw us out of the Land of Israel. They’ve been handsomely paid by anti-Zionists everywhere, from Hitler to the KGB to the Saudis to the Iranian regime to George Soros to the EU to Barack Obama.
You are not going to throw us out.
First of all, there are more of us. There is an absolute majority of Jews living between the Jordan and the Mediterranean, even if we use your inflated population figures and even if we count Gaza. We are not the French colonists in Algeria or the Crusaders. Our birthrate is high and increasing, and yours is decreasing. Jews are moving here from the rest of the world, and Arabs are leaving.
Second, there is no place for us to go. The roughly 50% of our population that is descended from Jewish refugees from Arab countries are not going back to Syria, Iraq, Egypt, etc. (so much, by the way, for calling us ‘European colonialists’). Ethiopian Jews can’t go back to Ethiopia. And nobody else is going anywhere.
Third, we have a deep religious connection to the land. Our bible is a story about the relationship between God, the Jewish people, and the Land of Israel. The har habayit is the location of our holy temples, and our patriarchs are buried here (even if you set fire to their tombs). Don’t tell me about Mohammed’s horse.
Fourth (and this is important, pay attention), if you try to hurt us, you are going to die. This isn’t the way we want to be, but this is what necessity demands. This is what we have finally learned from our history.
Think for yourselves for once. Don’t listen to Mahmoud Abbas, Ismail Haniyeh or Raed Saleh. Especially don’t trust the Jewish traitors like those who write in Ha’aretz or who are on the payroll of Soros, Obama or the EU. They care even less for Arabs than your billionaire leaders do.
Before you take a knife or an ax and go out to kill a Jew, think about this: you will die and it won’t bring your objective even a little bit closer.
We don’t want to kill you, expel you, or humiliate you. We would be happy to live peacefully as neighbors. But we are prepared to fight for our land.
This is the state of the Jewish people in its historic homeland and Jerusalem is its capital. We insist on maintaining our sovereignty here. If you can’t deal with this, move. Go to Jordan (the original ‘Palestinian’ state), to Europe, South America, Australia, the United States. But we are not going anywhere.
The Jewish people in the Land of Israel


  1. This is what becomes from never having totally defeated the enemy. Sooner or later, history proves, it must be done if there is ever to be peace. Every sane person knows this; even if it is disturbing to admit.

  2. Has Netanyahu entirely lost leave of his senses? How on earth could he possibly believe that? It's dumbfounding. And incredibly dangerous.

  3. Replies
    1. Sorry, Kate. You have no such option.


    2. OK.
      I only temporarily gave up for a few moments. Now I'm back.

      So it would help if relevant people would please realise that in a worldwide PR battle there is no place for being so stupid as to score own goals.

    3. Indeed.
      There was a really important piece of history that got completely lost in the daft way it was written. And it just turned, inevitably, into another anti-Israel story. And important history is now obscured.

    4. One doesn't have to help an obviously biased media spinning everything done or said into something anti-Israel. This current stabbing spree is a golden example of that.

  4. dKos has, of course, 5, that's right folk, count 'em, 5 diaries hating Bibi and Israel over this story. Diaries condemning the knife Intifada and stabbing of Jews? NONE! Very telling.eg NOTHING can change the mind of Israel haters but every spin will delight them.

    Lesson to be learned? Screw what they think; it won't ever get you anywhere.

    Those who think the Mufti was a bad guy, a freakin uberNazi won't care if Bibi mangled the truth and the other side goes deaf if Bibi or anyone tells the truth anyway. The "truth," belongs to them; same as it does to the Palestinian and Pallywood liars who HONOUR the Mufti as a hero.

  5. Jeez, you avoid the Jewish news for a minute and a half and it suddenly goes dashing in an entirely different direction.

    Good Christ.

    Are people upset with Netanyahu because he implied that Arabs are partially responsible the Holocaust?

    Is he wrong? I do not believe so.

    What is the essence of the problem, here?

    1. The essence of the problem is that haters gonna hate every chance they get and then some. Plus, it ain't kosher to diss them cuddly rascal Palestinians.

    2. No. The actual wording seemed to imply that without the input from the Mufti, Hitler would not have planned to kill Jews. It was appallingly written. That's why everyone, including Jewish groups, have jumped on it to say that Netanyahu was absolving Hitler from responsibility for the Holocaust.
      The seriously important piece of history about the support and collaboration of the Mufti has been, sadly, obscured by the actual way it was written.
      He did clarify it the next day, but the damage had been done. Of course he wasn't absolving Hitler, but it did read like that. Especially if you didn't read the entire speech. (The entire speech was available at Powerline etc.)

      Outside of that, the deafening silence about Jews being killed for being Jews, in the ongoing violence in Israel, is quite obscene. Infinitely more obscene than the "outrage" over the speech. It helps to show how much easier - and more preferable - it is for the world to pick on the failings of one side and not the other.
      Regardless of what the other "side" is actually doing and saying. Or, indeed, what the other side say on a daily basis, year in and out. Sometimes I wish someone could broadcast MEMRI over all major broadcasting networks for a few days nonstop, just so people could get a sense of it. It would still probably be pointless, I imagine. Sadly.

  6. The White House has just officially condemned Bibi for ratcheting incitement with the Mufti remark.

    ""We believe that inflammatory rhetoric needs to stop," said Schultz, without commenting on the open incitement to murder by the Palestinian Authority."

    See a pattern?

    1. Absolutely.
      It's horrific.

      Good article:


      Also good article about lack of response to Obama administration by American Jewish groups re his handling of the issue.
      And an "open letter" to the "Guardian". All at Algemeiner.

    2. Yes, the President of a country founded on religious liberty is not in favor of Jews being able to pray at their most sacred site. Obama claims to be a man of deep religious convictions (but which religion?), but the Jews have somehow endangered the "3rd holiest" (that's BIG) religious site of the "Palestinian People," (the "real" ones, that is) by means of magical ventriloquism, getting words to come out of the mouths Abbas and other friends of religious freedom. Commenting on the anti-Semitic grand mufti (his anti-Semitism now being played down by the press; it turns out that he was just so darned anti-British he wanted to kill Jews - all of them - the usual response to anti-British feelings), as it turns out, hurts the tender feelings of the "international community's" favorite pets which quite "naturally" causes them to kill Jews.
      Edward Said, Rashid Khalidi, Jeremiah Wright. Need I say more.

  7. Doodad,
    the British councillor you referred to said she couldn't be anti-Semitic because her children's great-grandfather was, apparently, a Jew.
    Actually, in the present climate in the UK, I'm surprised she was suspended by the Labour Party. It's quite tame stuff considering what the leadership gets up to.

    Some good articles at the moment at Algemeiner. Worth looking at if you haven't seen them.

  8. Dear Arabs: Israelis are voting with their $$$$$. Sorry bout your luck. You may want to have a word with your terrorist buds.

    "Poll: Israelis Avoiding Arab Businesses
    60% of Israelis have stopped buying from Arab-owned businesses in light of the terror wave; avoidance higher in Jerusalem, Sharon areas..."


  9. Interesting article:


    Hope that link works.