Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Palestinian Privilege


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  1. Thank you for this one, Doodad.

    It seems to me that the main task that we have as pro-Jewish / pro-Israel advocates is getting well-meaning non-Jewish people to understand that the Jews in the Middle East are not the aggressors in this war.

  2. Exactly Mike. Too bad the world press isn't publishing this kind of thing as regularly as it does the "poor Palestinian," crap.

    "“I ran several meters with a knife stuck in my shoulder, covered in blood,” newly widowed Adele (Benita) Bennett told Israel’s Channel 2 on Sunday, from her hospital bed in Hadassah-Ein Kerem. “And the Arabs watching applauded and spit at me, calling out, ‘You should die, too.'”


    No wonder some citizens are fighting back and getting arrested for it in Israel. No wonder so many Israelis hate Arabs after such disgusting behaviour. Those who acted like that really are evil bastards. I see some have been identified via CCTV and have been brought in by police. They may close down the shops of those who behaved like that. GOOD! Too bad they still don't use public pillory.

  3. Eitam Henkin was a U.S citizen. Even the US State was forced to admit and that it had no plans to have any comment or take any action. There's your Obama admin in a nutshell; "Fuck the Jews".

  4. “A newborn Palestinian Arab baby has been named in honor of the Arab terrorist who murdered two Jews and wounded three others in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Old
    City on Saturday night.......“According to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), the baby bearing Halabi’s name was born in Gaza just hours after the attack in which Aharon Benita and Rabbi Nehamiah Lavi were killed.

    “The Palestinian Authority’s official news agency Wafa was quick to publish a festive birth announcement, PMW also noted.

    “Halabi was lauded in Wafa’s report as a ‘hero of our people’ who had been ‘assassinated by the army of the occupation.’

    Also according to Wafa, ‘while still in the hospital, the mother of the baby called the mother of Martyr Halabi…during the phone conversation, the two mothers cried from joy.’”


    Just another indication of the kind of crap Israel is up against. Palestinians worship Jew murdering monsters and the international community worships Palestinians. The lesson is clear.

    1. A "hero of our people"? But they don't really have a people, not in the historic sense. There is no collective entitlement to any land. Their refugees aren't really refugees. The whole thing is bullshit from top to bottom. Time to stop tap dancing.

    2. While I agree Jeff, it's unfortunately a meme that has gotten too powerful in the world to undo. Too bad we can't get the world to realize that "people," should read "assorted murdering monsters," a more apt description made on my experience following them in the news since they came on my radar in the 60's as killer terrorists.

  5. " George Galloway @georgegalloway

    "A new intifada may have begun in Palestine. Or won't be long delayed. Whenever it comes I will support it with every breath God gives me"
    5:52 AM - 4 Oct 2015 "


    Too bad British Rabbis don't do Fatwas.

  6. There you go again with that silver tongue. ;0)

  7. I am flabbergasted, Jeff.

    I just cannot believe that they are going to hand over Sweden to Arabs.

    And the thing of it is, I know plenty of Americans of Arab descent, but they're Americans. They were raised in a country with a culture that does not have it in for Jews and, thus, they don't tend to, themselves. They were raised in a country that does not promote the Jihad, thus they tend not to, either.

    Middle Eastern Arabs, however, are a whole other fucking story and we cannot be afraid to call them out for their racism toward us... their racism toward Jews, in general, which polling data shows to be in huge numbers.

    As for Vocal International, I very much recommend that you check these guys out.

    It is not a Jewish-oriented magazine, but European-oriented one... and, y'know, there are a few more of them then there are of us.

    I sometimes suspect that I am not among the favorites of the editorial staff, but I suppose I caught the eye of the owner.


    It's dawn and I have to roll out of here because I have a meeting in SF.

  8. I think you could draw attention to the fact that Angela Merkel is a fucking idiot and be convincing to a european audience without using that particular expression. I know you can do it.
    re: Sweden. How did Pat Condell put it? The Swedish gov't. and media hate Israel almost as much as they hate themselves.
    As for Merkel, how can she possibly be reconciling her country's Nazi past by importing massive waves of people from a culture that holds the most virulent attitudes toward Jews today? She is in effect telling the Jewish minority in Germany that it is on its own, in addition to promising more rape to German women, more violence against gays, etc.

  9. Jeff,

    do you think that I was being rude?


    I have certainly been accused of that before.

    But there is no question that Europe is on the verge of changing the very character of their cultures.

    What do you suppose that Germany and Sweden, from a cultural stand-point, will be like ten years from now? Or 20?

    I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that it is going to be less peaceful, less woman-friendly, less gay-friendly, less Jew-friendly, less Christian-friendly, and less liberal.

    I think that western Europe is going to have a very bad time of it and that our friend, Trudy, will be munching popcorn... and Trudy has every right to enjoy every moment of schadenfreude.

    Look, if anyone takes offense that I called Angela Merkel a fucking idiot, I understand that.

    But, really, it's not my fault if Angela Merkel is a fucking idiot.

    And I am sorry if Germans, or other Europeans, are unhappy with me for calling her a fucking idiot.

    I have to tell you, though, I have never seen a national leader destroy one's own country in such a blatant manner before.

    Does anyone honestly think that anything good is going to come from introducing a few million Arab-Muslims into German society?

    My suspicion is that we will be reading about chaos and bloodshed and rape and murder and religious-ideological hatred coming out of that part of the world for many years to come.


  10. "Jeff, do you think that I was being rude?"

    Don't get me wrong. I have no problem, zilch, nada, with you calling Merkel a fucking idiot. I'm just suggesting that when you write for your friends in Brussels you might be able to use your powers of persuasion to lead them to that conclusion like pigs to slop. Come on, I'm the guy who called Randall's comment on Roger Waters refreshing.
    I think you and Trudy are absolutely right about Europe. Europe's history is chock full of them thinking they're right, and then finding out they were wrong in cinerama and technicolor. They seem to do this kind of thing over and over again. This time it might be for keeps. Here's the thing - what excuse could there possibly be for importing a large population of migrants, and calling them refugees, when you know for certain that a definite percentage will be extremely hostile, violent, attempt to destroy your culture, replace it with theirs, and have support ranging from silent to very vocal from a significant number of those coming with them? Sound nuts to me. This is something brand new.