Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"Stabbing Intifada" Takes American Peace Activist

Michael L.

Ian Deitch, writing in the Times of Israel tells us:
Richard LakinAn American educator who marched for civil rights in the 1960s and advocated coexistence between Muslims and Jews when he moved to Israel died Tuesday after succumbing to wounds sustained in a Palestinian attack on a bus in Jerusalem two weeks ago...

[Richard] Lakin was originally from Newton, Massachusetts, and a longtime principal in Glastonbury, Connecticut. His Facebook page displayed an image of Israeli and Arab kids hugging under the word “coexist.”

Micah Avni said his father was a beloved educator and author of a book on teaching. He was an elementary school principal in the US and taught English in mixed classes of Muslims and Jews in Jerusalem after moving to Israel in 1984.

In the 1960s, Lakin was active in the civil rights movement in the US, marching with Martin Luther King and bringing students from Boston to the South for sit-ins, Avni said.
Rest in peace.

Aleha ha-shalom.


  1. So how did that kumbaya stuff work out?

  2. I believe the White House has said nothing.

  3. Of course the White House has said nothing. Obama doesn't believe Jews are human beings, US citizens or not.

  4. Here is an article describing something despicable and frightening that happened in the UK today. This is the politics of the left in Britain. We wait to see if the Labour leadership act on this.

    Via James Bloodworth on Twitter.
    By David Collier:

    1. "More than half the stabbing claims were definitely fabricated."
      Great work, Herr Kaufman. It sounds like your "friend" did some real detective work, gathering evidence and statistics and such. May we the data, or is the UK so far gone that you just get to bullshit ad nauseam about "sinister" and "bloodthirsty" Juden without penalty like in the good old days? Just some more fact free "evidence" from a traitor.

  5. Obama does not care.

    This was an American, for chrissake, and a peace activist who marched with MLK.

    That makes him one of Obama's ideological own, yet he still doesn't care.

    Jewish lives do not matter to this president.

    1. I believe you are right. I had this argument with someone at Harry'sPlace a while back. He was saying how Reagan made policy choices that were unpopular with the pro-Israel crowd, and yet was thought of as pro-Israel, in order to bolster his argument that Obama too is pro-Israel. But I believe that there is a tone-deafness to this comparison, i.e., Obama has got some of the lyrics, but music definitely isn't there. I didn't vote for Reagan, but you always knew no matter what that he believed in the justness of Israel's existence.

    2. Perhaps because he also believed in the "justness" of America's existence.
      My feeling with Obama is that he believes in neither of those of two things.