Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Second Interview with Michael Burd of "Nothing Left"

Michael L.

jairI spoke with Michael Burd and his partner, Alan Freedman, of Nothing Left, a few weeks ago and they aired my segment today and it can be found at the 42 minute mark.

On this episode they spoke with Isi Liebler of the Jerusalem Post, Jonathan Tobin of Commentary, Israeli journalist and Holocaust survivor, Walter Bingham, filmmaker, Maxwell Federman who has shot Working Together, a film that is essentially about Arab-Jewish economic cooperation within Israel, and myself.

The basis of our conversation was the transformation of Europe due to the immigrant crisis flowing out of the Middle East.

Check it out.


  1. Off topic, sorry.
    For anyone who might have been pleased by JK Rowling signing the anti-BDS letter to the Guardian. This is will probably change your mind.


    1. She says her views on I/P were shaped by a freaking Palestinian poet who was a PLO member and propagandist. Can we say...ivory tower bubblehead?

  2. Also:

    This is an extraordinary piece from 1961 by Martha Gellhorn. It's utterly fascinating. I'd never seen this.


  3. Mike,
    hope it's OK to have posted links.
    Am just going to listen to your interview.
    As it's past 2am, I'll comment on it tomorrow. Hope that's all right.

    1. Certainly.

      And I definitely do not have a problem with people posting significant links and that goes double for the regulars.

      As for the interview, I am not yet comfortable with that medium.

      Whenever I put word to paper I can take my time, look at it, change it around, or delete it.

      Radio interviews obviously do not work that way.

      Nonetheless, I thought that it went reasonably well and Michael Burd seems pleased enough.

      It also slays me that I am on the same program with Isi Liebler and Jonathan Tobin. We did not speak with one another, but they both had segments on the same show.

      I am in very good company.