Sunday, October 11, 2015

Disdain: A Response to Doodad

Michael L.

Mohammad ZoabiThis is a small blog, but I very much appreciate the participation of my friends and few have been a more stalwart supporter than my old buddy, Doodad.

I remember Doodad from way-back-when at Daily Kos.  In fact, he was one of the first Jewish progressive-left exiles to join me in this venue.  When we started out we were practically howling into the wilderness all by ourselves.

But we persevered because the issue of how the world treats its Jewish minority matters.

It obviously matters to us and it should matter to all Jewish people, everywhere.  Frankly, I think that it should matter to everyone with a conscience or historical sensibility, but it does not.  Just as I do not spend much time fretting over the fate of our friends in the Czech Republic - and they are, in fact, among the best friends that Israel has - so I do not really expect non-Jews to fret over the fate of the Jews in the Middle East.

That seems to be our job.

But Doodad has a recent piece entitled, The Only Good Palestinian......, that I would like to discuss.

This actually started off as a comment under that piece, but I decided that maybe I have enough to say that I could front-page it on a relaxed Sunday morning.

So, here it goes.


Doodad, you say that you have disdain for Palestinian-Arabs, yet you extol Mohammad Zoabi who is not only a Palestinian-Arab, but one from an exceedingly prominent political family. I like Mohammad Zoabi, as well. He is a brave and highly intelligent kid and a friend to the Jewish people.

He, in fact, stuck his neck out for us and we need to appreciate that fact, as you clearly do.

Part of the problem that we have, though, is that non-Jewish westerners tend to think that people like you - or me, for that matter - are simply racists.

Because they have gobbled-up the Palestinian Narrative of Total Victimhood they naturally believe that the Jews of Israel are bullies to the "indigenous" population... as if Jews are, somehow, not indigenous to Judea.

Thus, if you have disdain for Palestinian-Arabs this simply makes you a bad person.

What they never seem to seriously take into account is that Arabs have been kicking the holy crap out of Jews in the Middle East for fourteen hundred years.  In fact, the hostile Arab-Muslim majority, which outnumbers Jews by a factor of 60 or 70 to 1, have done an excellent job of keeping our numbers small, over the centuries in that part of the world, so that we would never regain autonomy or the means of self-defense.

The real source of Arab hostility toward Jews is that they failed to keep us in submission.  The overall project of submitting the Jews failed.  Barack Obama, former president of the Harvard Law Review, never took the time to figure that out.

How many more centuries are Jews supposed to get our asses kicked before we stand up and say, "no"?

They honestly believe that the Jews are the aggressors.  Of course, Germans in the early part of the twentieth-century were absolutely convinced that the Jews - who represented 1 percent of the German population at the time - were likewise aggressors.

So, really what is going on here is that unless Jewish people throughout the world accept the idea that the hostile Arab majority in the Middle East have every right to try to kill Jews, we are "racists" who should be either ignored, disdained, or actively fought.

And yet the progressive-left still expect to get our political support, our money, and our votes.

It's astonishing, really.


  1. My disdain has a well founded pedigree. It started when the louts began hijacking airplanes, terrorizing innocents. It festered when the beggers shot and tossed wheelchair bound Leon Klinghoffer into the sea. It boiled when they murdered Jewish athletes in Munich. On and on it went; hundreds, maybe thousands of heinous murderous terrorist actions. It continues to this day with all the current violence daily.

    When I hear "Palestinian," I think first....Terrorist; not much else. I can't imagine how any sane decent person doesn't feel this way. But somehow they have been fooled into thinking these murderous thugs want peace. Yeah right. Get back to me when they have active, readily identified peace groups, etc. Get back to me when their methods and demonstrations are actually peaceful. Get back to me when the supposed peace partner Abbas doesn't think Jews on the Temple Mount have "dirty feet," and when he isn't inciting his people to kill Jews. Bad person? It is to laugh. people who support and encourage Jew killing monsters are the bad people. Not me or anyone who feels like I do. I actually supported all that kumbaya, peace process, land for peace,etc crap for a long time. Then the scales fell from my eyes. None of this should be rocket science but it might as well be given the inability among so many to call things Palestinian by their correct names.

    1. "But somehow they have been fooled into thinking these murderous thugs want peace."
      Somehow? All this mass lying about Israel and the "Palestinian" people are a symptom of something larger. There was a time within my living memory that the Western idea was quite popular and the West quite confident and most educated people knew Palestinianism for the fraud it is. Now we have the Obama delusion and the utopian/dystopian multiculturalism fraud. The willingness of the int'l press to go along with such blatant lies should tell us something about the withering condition of our educational institutions and our societies. Anti-Semitism stinks so to high heaven that people must deny it exists even while its on the rampage as plain as the noses on their faces.
      Has anyone checked out the video today at EoZ starring Obama's "spiritual mentor?" The reverend Jeremiah Wright, himself a high yeller feller, who finds that Jews are just too "white" possibly to be the rightful owners of what is theirs. He's the Jew hater sporting the first name of a Hebrew Prophet who declares Jesus a Palestinian, because, you know, he lived in Palestine, which runs counter to the fact that he didn't.

  2. He's from Nazareth.

    Do you mean to say that he considers himself Israeli-Arab?

  3. Is that what he thinks, Shirlee?

    If so, he'll get no argument from me, but are we projecting onto the guy?

    I do not know what this young gentleman thinks on the question of his own identity.

    I know that he considers himself an Israeli-Arab that is happy to be a citizen of the most liberal country in the entire Middle East and among the most liberal countries in the world.

    I do not know that he has abandoned the notion of "Palestinian," but I honestly do not know much about Mr. Zoabi other than that he stood up to his heinous aunt - who needs to be kicked out of the Knesset - and took death threats for objecting to the kidnapping of the young Jews just prior to the last Gaza fight.

    There are people, I suspect, who believe that I think that Israel can do no wrong. This is false.

    Among the biggest mistakes that Israel ever made was forking over the Temple Mount to the Jordanians - the friggin' waqf.

    A much bigger mistake than that, however, was in recognizing a brand-spanking new Arab ethnicity known as "Palestinians" that only really emerged in the 1960s with Arafat.

    This is one of the greatest frauds in human history and the Jewish people of the Middle East are its victims.

  4. I think you miss the wider point. People aren't generally insane or retarded. Which really only leaves two options - either the mean precisely what they say they believe, or they are lying for some other purpose, which is in this case the same thing as meaning precisely what they say they believe.