Sunday, October 18, 2015

Democratize the Temple Mount

Michael L.

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intifada quds aqsa qudspressIt is unacceptable that Israel maintains prejudicial policies toward Jews at the holiest site to the Jewish people.

Benjamin Netanyahu keeps assuring Barack Obama, and the American Department of State, that Israel intends to maintain the status quo at the Temple Mount.

EOZ columnist, Vic Rosenthal, proprietor of Abu Yehuda, has a few thoughts on the matter.

But the bottom line is that the status quo in Israel toward Jews, and all non-Muslims, in the Old City, on the Temple Mount, is entirely prejudicial.  I am not a particularly religious person, but I am offended at the idea that only Muslims are allowed to pray on the holiest place to the Jewish people.

Israeli policy on this question is unethical and unjust toward Jewish people, toward all non-Muslims, and it must change.

It is, in fact, a policy grounded in al-Sharia because Moshe Dayan, who obviously should have known better, made a very big mistake.  But now this mistake needs to be corrected.

Understand this:

At one time all the religions in the Middle East were political in the sense that they were total social systems.  

Throughout the great majority of human history there was no distinction between the dictates of the faith and any aspect of the life of the individual.  The same, of course, was true for Judaism and Christianity until the European Enlightenment of the 17th century.  Thankfully, both religions embraced the Separation of Church and State.

Islam has yet do so and, in fact, is moving in the opposite direction.  European Muslims - with their screeching and their stomping and their violence and their religiously grounded hatred - do not seem all that different from their Jew-Hating Middle Eastern counterparts.

So as the world burns, my natural question is, "what should Israel do?"

If you look at the scope of Israeli history the general tendency has been to defer to the West.

It was primarily due to the western governments that the United Nations acknowledged the existence of Israel to begin with.  Sometimes people will say that the UN created Israel, in order to imply the illegitimacy of the Jewish State.  This is false.  Israel was created via the blood and sweat and deaths of many thousands of Jewish people - Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, Sephardim - who built the necessary infrastructure for the emergence of the state.  All the United Nations did was take a vote.  It was the Jewish people in the Land of Israel at the end of the 19th century and through the 20th century who did the work and who drained the swamps and who built the roads and who created the schools and developed the political leadership, that made it so that the UN almost had to recognize it.

But the UN did not do the work, nor did they die in the fields.  That was Jews.  You know who else it was, of course?  It was also untold numbers of Arabs who migrated into Israel because of increasing economic possibilities.  Israel is the Jewish State, but Arabs helped build it for simple, human, economic reasons.  They may have thought of the Jews as the children of swine and orangutans, but they still needed employment for the purpose of feeding their children.  Their Koranically-based anti-Jewish racism did not override their basic social need to provide for their families.

This has changed.

The Narrative and the Temple Mount

Due to the Muslim Brotherhood, Yassir Arafat and his heinous side-kick, Mahmoud Abbas - and all their little off-spring like the PLO and Fatah and Hamas and Islamic Jihad - they have succeeded in raising an entire generation of Israeli Arabs who believe that they have a religious-political-moral imperative to stab Jewish people in the neck or run us down with their vehicles.  They have been fed on the Narrative of Pure Palestinian Victimhood and thus honestly believe that they every right to take any Jewish life as a matter of social justice.

If we object we are spit upon by ideological morons, mainly in the western-left, who call us racist.

What Israel needs to do is take charge of the situation.  If the Israelis back down it will give the Arabs good reason to advance.  By handing the Temple Mount over to the Jordanian waqf it gave the Arab world reason to claim it as their own.

As we know, Arab-Muslims do not so much venerate Al-Aqsa as a place of religious contemplation, but as a violent political site in their never-ending hostility toward the Jewish minority in that part of the world.

The very last thing that is needed is maintenance of the status quo.

As Rosenthal writes:
I’ve been thinking about status quos (stati quo?) lately.

There’s the one on the Temple Mount, the absurd one that says that Jews may visit but may not pray. Lately Muslims have been trying to prevent Jews from visiting altogether. When you consider that this is and always has been the holiest site in Judaism, that Muslim colonialists built a triumphal shrine atop the ruins of the Jewish Temple – which those Muslims now say wasn’t really there anyway – the absurdity is even more manifest.
It is one thing for Arabs to discriminate against Jews, that is to be expected. It is another thing entirely for the Jewish State of Israel to discriminate against Jews.

That is simply unacceptable.


  1. " They [Palestinian Arabs] have been fed on the Narrative of Pure Palestinian Victimhood and thus honestly believe that they every right to take any Jewish life as a matter of social justice."
    Not just that. They have been taught the lie that they themselves have been there since time immemorial, and that Jews have no historical or religious connection to the land, i.e., that they are merely colonialists/imperialists, and therefore will pack up and go "home" if the Arabs create enough havoc. These are the dangerous delusions that lead to violence. I'm not sure whether the progressive left want the Arabs slaughtering the Jews or the Jews to slaughter the Arabs. Hard to tell which one they get off on more.

  2. Mike, Jeff,
    go to @ Sussex Friends of Israel ( on Twitter) to see two minute video of anti-Israel protestors ( haters) who, when asked, have no idea who Mahmoud Abbas is. This hate is being passed on to young people who are repeating it like parrots.
    You can also find picture of woman at rally holding up placard telling "Israelis" ( and it is in inverted commas) to go back to Poland, USA etc.
    This is England, 2015.

    1. I've seen some of this already.

      What a shame.

      Oh, and btw, you are correct. This article at Harry's Place, by Saul Freeman is terrific and it tells my story, as well.

      The details are, of course, quite different, but the broad brush is the same.

    2. Re Saul Freeman: That's the first time he's ever written a piece about anything.

    3. This is a monster the Saul Freemen of the world created. It's theirs to manage I'm afraid. An open secret for years for instance was that Jeremy Corbyn's been in bed financially with Hamas.

      And the ex-Marxist vaguely semi-zionist Jews of Harry's Place were happy to ignore it as long as all of us did as well. Well that's the existential Frankenstein they created or at allowed to be created. Don't look to us to bail you out specifically though you are free to get in the refugee queue with the rest of the Jews who will be expelled from Britain one way or another soon. At that point it hardly matters what portion of responsibility you should own but I'm worried that once you ARE kicked out like all the rest, you'll get back on your leftist horse to flog the masses into another iteration of the same thing wherever you wind up.

    4. Trudy,

      have I mentioned recently how much you scare the holy crap out of me?

  3. The Jews of the Middle East must fight back in no uncertain terms in order to make Israeli-Arabs understand that they will pay a very serious price for the incitement to genocide and the Stabbing Intifada.

    Israel needs to take off the gloves and make the Stabbing Intifada exceedingly painful for Israeli-Arabs.

  4. By the way, I am now officially opposed to a two-state solution.

  5. And Mahmoud Abbas must be arrested for incitement to genocide.

  6. It's time to deNazify Israel and environs.

  7. "Disappointed in ‘Failure’ of Stabbings, Hamas Calls on Palestinians to Drop Knives, Commit Car-Rammings for Higher Jewish Casualties"

    You cant make this stuff up.

    Israel had a chance to DESTROY Hamas and didn't. Now we get this.

  8. These guys, if it's true, need to have their credentials revoked and get jailed.

    "Arab doctors at the Clalit Health Services clinic located on Hagai Street in Jerusalem are suspected of having stood idly by after a terrorist attacked Rabbi Nehemia Lavie and Aharon Banita-Bennett (pictured), declining to give medical assistance. PHOTO: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Rabbi Nehemia Lavi (left) and Aharon Banita-Bennett, murdered in a terrorist attack
    Arab doctors working for Israel’s health system are suspected of having declined to treat the Jewish victims of a stabbing attack that took place outside the clinic, Israel’s Channel 2 News reported on Thursday."


  10. It's all part of the long, slow process of the Palestinian-Arab plan to boot Jewish people from the Jewish homeland.

    This is going to prove exceedingly interesting and more than a little dangerous.

    The rich irony, of course, is that even as Arabs seek to drive Jews out of the Temple Mount and even, now, the Western Wall, so they lie to the world and claim that Jews are endeavoring to drive them from Al-Aqsa.

  11. Used to be when you heard "big lie," you thought Nazi; now it's Palestinians. But, wait; I repeat myself.

  12. " Meanwhile, one of my colleagues reports this phone conversation between he and his wife today:

    T: "Hi babe!
    R: What's up?
    T: Just checking that you are alive.
    R: I'm still alive.
    T: Oh, cool.
    "We must have this conversation 20 times a day."

    This is what passes for normal dialogue between couples in Jerusalem today..."

  13. Excellent article at UKMedia Watch:

    1. Jeff,
      thanks for posting that link. Really interesting. Am now following that guy's blog.

  14. fyi

    "An Israeli named Nehemia Gershuni-Aylho has been keeping a running list of each and every attack in Israel since the first of the year. His list is published on the Internet and includes what happened (knife attack, stone throwing, rocket, etc.), what town/city it happened, how many people were hurt/killed, who attacked (Israeli Arab, or Jew) the target, and of course the source of their information."