Friday, October 9, 2015

The Only Good Palestinian......


I won't finish that sentence the way some might expect me to given my uh, disdain, for Palestinians. That uh, disdain (wink wink nudge nudge say no more,) hasn't got any better given the latest bloody actions by some Palestinians and the support for said terrorism by a lot of Palestinians including Jerusalem shop keepers and passerby's. Let's face it; I don't like their hate and I don't like them in general just like I wouldn't like a festering boil on my tush.

But I'm not stupid. Despite my generalized uh, disdain, for Palestinians, I know they aren't all the same. And every so often one brave soul speaks up; once in a blue moon mind you, but still, here is one.
I have long resisted saying this, but the ongoing Arab violence in Jerusalem has pushed Arab idiocy beyond my capacity for tolerance. I now need to say it and to say it publicly: I am embarrassed to be an Arab. 
From the start, we have refused to accept the existence of one tiny Jewish state. We fought that state tooth and nail using all the venom and anti-Semitism that we could muster. We isolated and mistreated our own Palestinian siblings so we could use them as tools against the Jews. We have not relented. We have not shown an ounce of compassion, humanity, or even smarts. We made the destruction of the Jewish home our signature cause. We made hate our religion. When will this nonsense stop? 
Even some of us Arabs who have the privilege of also being Israeli have not learned to behave like civilized people. We dismissed, threatened, and silenced Mohammad Zoabi, one of our own, because he dared profess love for his country and revulsion towards terrorists. We have demonstrated in support, not of our own state, Israel, but in support of the terrorists who want her destroyed.
Of course that writer is not really a "Palestinian," but of Arab descent. But there have been actual Palestinians who have voiced similar things; some are even still breathing.  Hen's teeth of course and that is why this Intifada crap and constant hate and violence will never end.

The writer continues his wisdom.
Those of us who are able to accept Jews as the brothers and sisters that they are, are few and far between.  I can count on the fingers of my hands the honorable Arabs who take such a stand publicly.  The rest of us are an embarrassment, the plague of the Middle East, and a blotch on humanity....... 
Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, not only because it is rightfully theirs, but also because we don’t deserve any of it.  Those of us Arabs who live in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza, would long ago have been deported if Jews behaved like us.  Yet we keep pushing and pushing, hoping to break them. 
The Jews will not break.  They will not break in Jerusalem or anywhere else because they are much better than us.  We will continue to wallow in our own victimhood complex while the Jews thrive, and this, my fellow Arabs, is all that we deserve.
 I pray he continues to draw breath.


  1. And although he is no Palestinian or Arab, thank goodness, here are some great thoughts by Native American Ryan Bellerose:

  2. I always thought people who support Palestinian terrorists were stupid but then I wondered; are people really stupid? Then I saw this headline and thought, m'kay....

    "´What do you mean no-one has been to Mars?´
    Scores of people believe blockbuster movie
    The Martian is based on a true story"

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