Saturday, October 10, 2015


I am hitting the poker table in SF tonight.

And I am telling you that these people are out for blood.

Joools, in particular, is looking to kick my ass.


  1. Aghghghg!

    I got beat!

    Lupe kicked my ass and then I ran away.

    It was only a couple bucks and well worth it for Gaspari's pizza on Geary Blvd in SF and the hysterical poker chit-chat.

    That's the thing about games among friends - as opposed to casino's that host Texas Hold'em cash games or tourneys - no one gets hurt and the conversation is much more fun because we almost all know one another.

    I am not opposed to hitting a casino if I happen to be in Vegas or Reno, which is rare, but games among friends are much more fun.

    {I still hate it when I lose, tho!}


    But, damn, that pizza was good.

    From my old neighborhood, too.

    1. Commiserations on getting beat.
      But very glad you had good time with friends. And great pizza!
      Sounds like fun.