Sunday, October 11, 2015

Just Another Friday Night Sermon In "Palestine"


You really do need to see this.

It explains in about five minutes what is going down right now in Israel and the terrorocracy that is "Palestine". Or if you prefer, the "Palestinian Terrorcracies".

This is important for us, why?

We are witnessing the opening salvos of what could become known as the Jerusalem Terror Pogrom Against The World's Jews.

And anyone else who gets in the way or who are easier to get at.

This is by no means the first of these pogroms and it will not be confined to Israel or even the Middle East. But we also know this vicious blind rage and riot against innocent people will be instantly gentrified by the Western media into the "Third Intifada" or perhaps something even grander depending on how many innocent Jews are caught at a helpless moment by programmed thugs of infinite cowardice, and slashed or stoned to death.

There will be a count of how many thugs are killed in defence from them and also civilians caught up in it by accident. We know this because we have been here so many times before. The  lead will be a figure from somewhere of "Palestinians" killed and injured in the anti-Jew pogrom now being kicked off before our eyes. The figure will be in every media report, ...print, television, radio, internet. It will be on everybody's lips.

The media loves numbers especially on a day by day basis or even hour by hour.

Here's a fun fact. Every piece of information published by the media about "Palestinian" casualties and much else is sourced in Hamas and Fatah.  Even what purports to be from UN agencies such as UNWRA or "Palestinian health authorities" or NGO's or Israeli "human rights" groups.

The groups that ordered the pogrom are the source of our information about what is happening to the "Palestinians".  

Behind the pogrom? Tehran. There can be little doubt.  Hamas and the Abbas ring are willing instruments but nothing like this can be ignited without more than a nod from the clerics with the guns and the gallows in Iran. They are now more powerful than they have ever been and they and Moscow will call most of the shots across the region thanks to nearly seven years of US foreign policy.

Why the slow killer riot now?

Why not. The "Palestinians" and their sponsors and bosses know they will be rewarded for this with recognition and moral and material support and their enemies will be sanctioned, isolated and condemned for defending themselves.

Besides they hate Jews and the thought of stabbing one seems to have an almost erotic appeal in this ugly ideology. Tony Abbott may have gone but the death cult is still with us.

They have come to believe that Israel and the Jews are hated as much in the West as they are in Muslim lands. Why wouldn't they? There is always plenty of mileage in attacking Israel cruelly and without provocation. That has its cheer squads right across Europe once again and they are always celebrated from abroad for their "courageous resistance".

From there flows money.

Which is not bad for a bunch whose hallmark tactics are to hide behind women, or kids tossing rocks, or under hospitals and schools , or to strap bombs to other people or,  

I could go on.

We are harvesting the first of the fruit planted in the field cultivated so carefully from the first days of President Obama. The sort of world that is about to be his legacy and our future.

How fitting that the vision splendid dawns with a good old fashioned Jew kill pogrom that could go world wide. 

Watch this closely as it unfolds. We could be living in the fourteenth century.  

MEMRI: Rafah Cleric Brandishes Knife in Friday Sermon, Calls upon Palestinians to Stab Jews

Now? Does anyone still think this is about the "settlements" or the "occupation"? At all? Even a little bit?  One might be that gullible but you will have to accept that Israelis are not.

They know who and what they are dealing with and it has been a dangerous oversight for the rest of us to have not known. To have no idea. Even now.

This is important?

Because this thing is not confined to the Middle East. And even if it was (which is bad enough) there is little or no difference between the ideologies that the Israelis are confronting and those ruling and warring across most of the rest of the Muslim Middle East.

They hate us as much as they hate the Israelis.

Some say they hate us because of the Israelis but that is because the world is full of gut lazy bigots.  They hate the Israelis because of us and for them this is personal.

Whenever these attacks are carried out in the West they usually try to murder a few Jews if they can, but this is hard because there are so few.  In any event it is only symbolic. In the West any infidel will do.

This is a poisonous ideology that is dangerous to us all, because like all poisonous ideologies it uses hate to control and that is a literally a murderous combination. I stay out of the "is this religion?" or "is it Islam?" discussions. Not my field and not my business. That is a matter for Muslims.

Some Muslims definitely have strong views on that but ultimately for the rest of us it is irrelevant.

I know a Nazi when I see one. We should all know them and their collaborators on sight.

Nazis anywhere are a problem for all of us everywhere.

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  1. People say that Arabs hate Jews because of Israel.

    This is false.

    Arabs hate Israel because they hate Jews.