Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Facebook Notes: "The Concept is Very Simple."

Michael Lumish

It still amazes me that people refuse to understand the simple concept that opposition to Islam as a political movement is not "racist" toward, or prejudicial against, Muslims.

Why is this concept so hard to grasp?

My suspicion, of course, is that it is not difficult to grasp but socially and politically inconvenient sufficient to disallow many people from even thinking about the question.

In any case, this is my response to a gentleman on a pro-Israel Facebook page who is concerned about anti-Muslim bigotry within the Jewish community.
It's not a matter of "all Muslims." 
In truth, the concept is very simple. 
Sharia law claims non-Muslims as infidels and those of us (Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians) who are considered "people of the book" have the choice of conversion, submission, or death. Gay people are forbidden entirely and women are chattel. 
Thus political Islam has emerged as the foremost threat of non-Muslims, Gay people, and women throughout the world. 
Furthermore, Muslims throughout the Middle East are anti-Semitic in rates that go from the mid-70th percentile (in the more liberal countries) to th mid-90th percentile in the so-called "Palestinian territories." 
And, needless to say, the foremost victims of Islam as a political movement are Muslims who are not sufficiently devout according to their persecutors. 
Christians may have been the foremost persecutors of Jews in the past, but today the primary culprit is political Islam as it seeks to undermine, and eventually destroy, the well-being of Jewish people throughout the world, via undermining the well-being of Israel. 
In Europe, mass Muslim immigration is turning that continent into a bloody mess because the Muslim immigrants generally refuse to assimilate and maintain a perpetually hostile stance toward their hosts, complete with indifference to the authority of the state or the dignity of non-Muslim women, who are generally considered something akin to whores. 
Does this mean "all Muslims" are bad people? 
Of course, not. 
Condemning Islam as a political movement (Political Islam, Islamism, whatever you want to call it) is no more "racist" than opposing Nazi Germany was "racist" toward Germans. 
Further, it becomes difficult to understand how anyone can consider themselves "progressive" or "liberal" or concerned with universal human rights if they refuse to make a stand against a massive and growing political movement that hangs Gay people from cranes, holds non-Muslims as second and third non-citizens under the rule of dhimmitude, and keeps women quite literally under wraps. 
All true progressives stand up for the rights of the oppressed and, yes, that includes when Muslims are doing the oppressing.


  1. We need to test their social engineering. Pick out a place with lots of Muslims and stand back. Just let the experiment evolve without external laws or law enforcement, social standards or controls. AT ALL. Stop having Civil Law there completely for a period of say, 5 years. Then revisit it.

  2. As to why certain people can't grasp the difference between opposition to political Islam and opposition to Muslims as a people, it's the same phenomenon as certain other people who can't distinguish between measured restrictions against criminals obtaining guns and universal confiscation of guns.

  3. How are we supposed to find common ground with people, from either side of the aisle, who refuse to acknowledge even a shred of truth or decency in the viewpoints of those with whom they disagree?

    Conversation and compromise become impossible producing a winner-take-all result.

    The US is more divided than at anytime since 1968.

    I am becoming more and more convinced that the Democratic Party, my former party, created a demon through their constant hysterical evocations of racism and sexism in a manner way out of proportion to the truth.

    And the truth, quite simply, is that the US is one of the least racist and least sexist countries in the world today.

    Anyone who takes a gander around the rest of the planet and who doesn't grasp this obvious fact is ideologically blinkered.

    And for those of you who do understand this, but think that we can do better, then let's have the discussion without shoving Hitler down the throat of the other side.