Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Obama Administration is concerned about random acts of violent extremism done by no group in particular and for no reason that we can discern

Child in Prayer
After this latest Jihad attack at Ohio State University, president Barack Obama took the bull-by-the-balls and trotted out White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest to tell us:
There’s still a lot of information to review and collect but obviously this is a difficult situation and our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Columbus and OSU at this time.
This is, indeed, a difficult situation and, speaking strictly for myself, I am just pleased that it had nothing whatsoever to do with "radical Islam" or "political Islam" or "Jihadism" or "Islamism" or the "Qu'ran" or the "Koran," or anything whatsoever do to with Islam or what President Barack Obama calls "violent extremism."

Like 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, the gay nightclub murders in Orlando, the shooting up of US military personnel at Fort Hood, TX, the San Bernardino attack, or the beheading in Oklahoma - and on and on and on and on - we should be grateful that the OSU misunderstanding was either completely accidental, the act of a random psychopath, or the direct result of our own shameful behavior as a people and a nation.

We have to understand that when goodhearted folk are morally aggrieved by the United States (if not Americans, more generally) that they have every reason to feel this way because we earned their contempt due to our own misbehavior. It is for this reason, sadly, that we deserve whatever beating they wish to give us, our children, and our family and friends.

According to Time Magazine, the innocent attacker, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a young Somali immigrant-student oppressed at Ohio State:
drove a car over a curb and into a crowd of people on campus, then got out and attacked students with a butcher knife. Authorities later added that Artan (who was shot and killed by a police officer at the scene) was a student at the school.

“[The] only thing that we can say based on common knowledge is that this was done on purpose,” Ohio State University Police Chief Craig Stone said at a press conference Monday afternoon.
Time magazine mimics the typical angry white American male Islamophobic response by assuming that the incident was either intentional or without just cause. Chief Stone claims, with only the flimsiest of evidence, that it is "common knowledge" that Artan acted with intention. He may have exited the vehicle wielding a machete - which he introduced to a few people - but this is no reason for white American racists to assume unkind thoughts on the part of Mr. Artan.

In a previous interview Artan told the OSU Lantern:
I wanted to pray in the open, but I was scared with everything going on in the media,” he said. “I’m a Muslim, it’s not what the media portrays me to be. If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don’t know what they’re going to think, what’s going to happen… I was kind of scared right now. But I just did it. I relied on God. I went over to the corner and just prayed.
This was a young man, shot dead before his prime, who wanted nothing more than to pray.

He wanted to commune with God and the fascist cops at Ohio State shot him down in cold blood in much the same way that the insidious Zionists in Apartheid Israel conduct extra-judicial assassinations of innocent Palestinian-Arabs... who also sometimes lose control of their vehicles.

If anyone is to blame for this accident it is clearly Donald Trump and the Neo-Nazi brigade over at Breitbart News.

The bottom-line, however, is that until the United States ceases its racist, imperialist, and militaristic behavior then people of good-will may continue, through no fault of their own, to accidentally run us down with their vehicles.

If we have not learned that lesson by now, I am afraid that we never will.


  1. this is why Hillary lost; on the terrorism question, exit polls had Trump winning by 20ish points. The Democrat Party, on its way to becoming the party of Islam, Socialism, and Transvestites, doesn't wanna learn.

    1. Mr Artan was ineligible to vote. I have to wonder a bit about a party that panders to people who legally cannot help them attain supremacy.

    2. My bet is that Hamad Dabashi (Columbia University) isn't about to pick up and move as other people do when faced with such overwhelming intolerance and threats to their safety. No, I think he'll stay and keep raving about how hostile and intolerant Americans are to receptive audiences at dinner parties. Either way, he's in for a shock on the 20th of January.

  2. Well that's all well and good and maybe he even felt that way. Problem is that there's zero evidence this was the case apart from the voices in his own head. Furthermore it's unlikely that he was so rigidly devout, so hardcore that missing a prayer was never even an option for him. All over the world devout Muslims will pray wherever they are, at that moment when it's time to. If you cant' find a place on a college campus to plunk down your mat and figure out which way east is, you're not trying. So either he wasn't very observant to the point where it would not have been an obstacle to pray anyway, or, he wasn't very observant and this is all made up nonsense.

    Of course if I were very very. Very cynical. I'd say that after nearly a month of Democrats screaming that we're living in hell, that they're actually rounding up gays, blacks, Muslims and Mexicans, today and shoving them into furnaces, that the KKK, the Nazis and Sauron are effectively in control of the government now, that everyone you've ever loved will be executed by firing squad tomorrow morning shortly after their tongues are torn out maybe we wouldn't an entire generation of fragile flowers keeling over in despair and fear. Maybe after the 10,000th iteration of CNN screaming "Is this actually the end of the world?" that people who already have a tenuous connection to reality and spiritual and emotional well being wouldn't be running around with knives or moving down people on the sidewalk otherwise. After nearly a decade of hard core Snowflakerism, maybe 19-20 year olds are defective at this point. After years and years of telling people 27 is the new 18, maybe 19 is is the new 10.

    1. 19 is the new 10!

      That's perfect.

      I actually feel bad for this generation of students. I was Gen X and the very last thing on this planet that we wanted was en loco parentis.

  3. If ever there was an argument for autonomous cars w/o steering wheels........

  4. I am glad the readership here is fairly low so that it's unlikely that 100's of peaceful Muslims are unlikely adding Mike to their GPS targetting system. Stay safe my friend.

    1. I just don't know what it's going to take for the US to have the kind of honest national discussion around issues of immigration that we need to have.

      If you so much as raise the issue it makes people uncomfortable and there is always the club of "racism" that could come swinging at any moment.

      It's a disservice to the national dialogue and it's counterproductive to American well-being.

      {Now I have to go make a pizza.}


    2. First spaghetti and meatballs and now pizza. Mike, you are going to get fat, and have lots of fun doing so.

    3. I'm actually a pretty damn good cook.

      I smoked a turkey for Thanksgiving and, damn, that thing was delicious. I went with mesquite.

  5. "“We will win because Americans don’t realize . . . we do not need to defeat you militarily; we only need to fight long enough for you to defeat yourself by quitting.” Khalid Sheik Mohammed


  6. Like what Netanyahu calls it, "Militant Islam."

    It can be defeated so long as it is confronted. A large part is not military. Time to stand, appreciate and proclaim the benefits of our values, and to invade the marketplace with the argument that progressive "tolerance" will erode what has been built.

    1. But is the problem "militant Islam" or, as I usually say, "political Islam" or is it just Islam?

      As those of us who have been paying attention know - with the apparent exception of Barack Obama - the primary sources outline a supremacist faith bent on domination. So, really, the problem is Islam, itself.

      The problem is not "all Muslims," but it is Islam.

      It's as if the only way to be a good Muslim is to be a bad Muslim and this puts all of us in an exceedingly difficult spot.

      We are in such a difficult spot, in fact, that well over half the country refuses to even discuss the problem. Hell, man, getting people to even discuss the issue of immigration is like pulling teeth... forget the problem with the Jihad.

      And I am convinced that this is part of the reason that Hillary got beat. I think that Rubin and Harris are correct. Obama administration failure to be honest with the American people on this question made a difference at the polling booth.

      Also, y'know School, I am becoming convinced that this "alt-right" thing is a key to understanding an emerging non-partisan political dynamic grounded in nationalism, libertarianism, freedom of speech, and controlled immigration.

      There is something afoot and I think that Rubin's got the pulse.

      What to do with Milo is anyone's guess, but I continually find myself having to tell people that "Look the guy is NOT a Nazi, for Chrissake. I'm not saying he's a nice fellah. That's not the point. The point is that Breitbart, whateverthefuck else it is, is not promoting ethnic purity."

      We are at a very interesting moment, my man.

  7. I don't know what the 'alt right' is. I don't care. The name itself beggars an amorphous thing that defies definition. It is what you say it is. More or less. Sort of. So if you can say it's Nazism, call it that. Or misogyny or racism or homophobia or global warming denial-ism. To me it's nearly the same thing as Jew haters telling ME what the 'true' meaning of antisemitism is. Frankly I don't care what they think. It's immaterial.

    Let's just call it a bellwether. A signpost. A form of rhetorical shorthand about what the left thinks about ITSELF. These are the same people who casually wrote off half the population as 'deplorables', 'unregenerate', 'irredeemable'. They already use language breathlessly close to that of the Nazis regarding the untermenschen. Hillbilly, neoconfederate, fascist, fit for the urn (actor Michael Shannon's own words).

  8. Doodad,

    I reverted your posting to a draft because it's just impossible to read because the file is too small.

    Sorry about that, man.

    1. I clicked on it and had no problem reading.

    2. Huh.

      Maybe it's just my system.

      I'll put it back, then.

    3. You haven't been able to read the comments? They're pretty hilarious.

  9. So in NR today there's a piece entitled "It’s Time for
    Honest Talk about Muslim Immigration" by David French. I'm sure where Mr French is going with this besides the old war horse of 'let's keep them durn furriners out!

    As if....

    It's odd for a couple of reasons or reasonings. 1) this freshly scrubbed young tyke was able to very quickly acquire permanent resident alien status. Most people are unaware that that's a simple thing to do. It takes money and connections to ramrod that so quickly. PRA status is generally reserved for either a select few or in special circumstances, persons who demonstrate a practical risk to their lives or the lives of their family if they return to their country of origin and there is no evidence of them having committing any crime.

    The very fact that he was here at all with his status, perversely, highlights the problem of barring people we already specifically provide workarounds in the system for, to come here. In other words, what Mr French is suggesting is look very hard at the very same people who seemingly we WANT here and who have the resources to jump over all the hurdles in the system keeping them out.

    Second, the purpose of terrorism is the erosion of the social fabric. Killing people isn't an end it's a means to an end. If we wrote new laws every time this happened, all we'd have is a million laws and no people. Is this not a good example of recognizing that the water level has risen slightly and that this is the new normal and simply get on with your lives? What did Israel did when they suffered hundreds of these attacks? They dealt with them. They didn't write new laws that wagged a finger at people who have no intention of following the law.