Tuesday, November 8, 2016

This week on NOTHING LEFT (Nov 8, 2016)

Michael Lumish

(Please note that I speak at the 52 minute mark. - ML)

Michael Burd and Alan Freedman (hosts) tell us:
This week we hear from Greek journalist and newscaster Maria Polizoidouon Greek attitudes to Israel and immigration into Europe; we speak with Maj-Gen Yaakov Amidror from the Begin-Sadat Centre in Israel; blogger and journalist Mike Lumish joins us live from San Francisco to give us the latest on the US election, and Isi Leibler joins reports from Jerusalem.
 3 min Editorial: Obama’s legacy

10 min Mary Polizoidou, Greek journalist, her countries invasion by Asylum Seekers and Greek Gov anti- semitism.

26 min Maj-Gen Yaakov Amidror, Begin-Sadat Centre

52 min Mike Lumish, blogger and commentator speaking Live from West Coast latest on US elections.

1 hr 33 min Isi Leibler on what surprises does Obama have for Israel before he leaves office?


  1. https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/9290/day-after-election

  2. http://www.jewishpress.com/news/breaking-news/neo-nazis-publish-list-of-donald-trumps-jewish-cabal/2016/11/09/ PLEASE let's spread this; if Trump indeed WILL be separate from the white supremacists who liked him, then I actually think he could be great!

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  4. In their attempt to turn the US into a single party state, the Democrats may have succeeded. It's the other party though. They blew up the Democratic party by going all in 100% for the Clinton Criminal Machine. Now they have no funding tools, no organization. Their senior ranks are trying to stay out of jail and the grassroots staff have fled the party outright. The DNC is in ruin. There's no up and coming generation of leadership who can step in. There's no new ideas, no ideas at all really. Almost 30% of Bernie supporters voted for Trump. Another 5% went third party. And 4 million FEWER people voted this year than in 2012.

    The DNC sacrificed everything for Hillary, she failed and took them down with her. I doubt they can rebuild from zero in two years. Not with people like Howard Dean and Keith Ellison fighting to take over the DNC. And if they can't rebuild and stabilize by 2018, they'll lose even more ground, making 2020 into a horror show. There may well be a long line of GOP victories for a long time as a result.

    1. For the life of me, I am not certain which outcome would have been worse.

  5. Whatever happened to that Mike Lumish guy?

    1. He must be around here some place.

      Oh, there I am!

      I think that I’m a tad spooked, to be honest. The sheer outpouring of hatred toward Trump took me aback. I did not even think that he would win. But there it is.

      What concerns me, now, tho, is how so much of the country continues to wield issues of race as a political club. And it seems as if the less racist we become, the higher the pitch of charges of racism become. I find it unjust to ourselves as a people.

      Racism is basically dying in the US, if we would simply let it die. There is de facto racism, of course, but there is no racism de jure. And, let me tell ya, this is how old and crotchety I am becoming, because it definitely seems to me that any kid born in this country who does well in high school should be able, with the necessary student loans, to attend college and make of his or her life what they will or can.

      And now they’re out in the streets breaking windows in downtown Oakland because they honestly believe that The Art of the Deal is the new Mein Kampf. Of course, if Trump actually were something akin to Hitler then his Brownshirts would be out on the streets kicking their ass!

      The country is now more highly divided along ethnic lines than at any time since 1968 and there are plenty of people who are emotionally and financially and ideologically invested in the never-ending effort to whip up hatred against the haters for the purpose of defeating hatred.

      In any case, I’m just taking a little time to process the moment.

      I still can’t believe he pulled it off. I think my thing on Sunday will be entitled something like, Victory of the Deplorable Cheese Doodle.


    2. "And it seems as if the less racist we become, the higher the pitch of charges of racism become"

      Well, that's the plan, right? Gramsci et al would be proud.

    3. Do not despair, Chelsea is already being groomed.

  6. "Journalists" should learn, but based on history and what we have seen, they likely won't. And the pattern will repeat itself.

    Commentary: The unbearable smugness of the press


  7. The Democratic Party got beaten like a dog.

    I almost feel bad for them.

    If they had only acknowledged the rise of Islamism and the problems with mass Muslim migration into Europe and what that could mean for the US.

    1. this is directly a product of Barack Hussein Obama's strategy to pander to Muslim voters over the 2000's-era lie that Bush was unfair towards Muslim-Americans. Pandering to Muslims was also intended to replace white voters who voted for Bill, voted Hillary in 2008 primaries, but not Hussein Obama.

      Liberals also think that exculpating Islam would guilt-trip/manipulate America into not going to war because according to them, us taking military action is WORSE than terrorist attacks on innocent people. This is why ANSWER/anti-War types liked Obama a more than HRC and hated Hillary.

      Hillary did use the term "Islamist extremism" in the 2000s many times. She was a outwardly strong supporter of Israel in the 2000s. But Obama's transformative Presidency turned those voters away from the Democratic Party. That's why I feel so awful for Bill and Hillary; they were what Democrats SHOULD'VE been for all of the last 25 years. Obama ruined it, and Hillary ran as an Obama, not WJC-Dem and paid the price. Sure, she was SoS in his admin, but her wanting to continue her career was natural.

      Hillary of 2008 should've been nominated, would've won back then, and this site probably might not even have to exist. But Obama began the party of radical identity politics.

    2. Except she was closer to Obama's mindset all along.

      Not to mention the corruption and other forms of dishonesty.

      There is also the progressive trend to live in a fantasy world, so removed from reality, that you see anyone opposed to your greatness as irredeemable.

      That stuff gets old. And it show how out of touch they were and still are, and how easily they accept things that are not.

    3. I don't think she was ever closer to Obama's mindset in her heart of hearts; she did have to act like it to try to get the "Obama coalition" but the real Hillary was the Senator from NY from 2001-2009. Also, the people she had to hire were Obama 2008 and 2012 vets; not Clinton 1992 or 1996 vets.

      It won't surprise me if when Obama pardons her (not that I think she actually needs it but Trump could try to waste tax dollars on "putting [her] in jail"), we hear comments from Bill and maybe even her talking about how far left Obama moved the base. Obama might pardon her if only to protect his own legacy; once he does it, the bad relationship between the Clintons and Obama will become apparent once again; Obama did say he likes Bill Clinton "in doses."

    4. that being said, I have no hope for the future Democrat Party, and I just changed my registration to independent. Now the Sanders Party wants to put an anti-Israel Muslim in charge of the DNC; they're truly becoming the party of Islam, Socialism, and Transvestites. I want no part.

    5. Doesn't anyone see a problem with president's wife running for office?
      Or "public servants" amassing gazillion dollar fortunes while in office?
      When did we become a banana republic?

    6. Jacob, stuff she did was no more illegal than what other politicians do. Also, one of the things that would've been good about Hillary is that we could've been more easily assured that Israel would, at least at the Congressional level, remain bipartisan. At least before the moderate wing died in the future. Now that the Democrat Party will be taken over by left wing radicals, the near future may hold Israel becoming a partisan issue, which makes getting them aid and supporting them a lot harder. Plus, they got Trump, a master manipulator who wants just that, at the helm.

      No doubt that Obama's treatment of Israel was a strike against her, but there were good things about her potentially winning. But its over now; I stand with Donald J. Trump when he takes office, and am open to voting for him 2020. I did vote GOP for Congress in protest of Hussein Obama.

    7. No more illegal? Can you name one other similar political figure that comes close, other than her most recent mentor, Obama?

      Clinton may have been pro-Israel as president, but Trump will likely be no less, or even moreso, as the issues between it and the USA dovetail.

    8. Bill ran a global philanthropy when she was SoS. Boohoo.

      You are right tho, Trump will likely be pro-Israel (assuming the Pat Buchanan anti-Israel wing is truly dead, tho that uncertainty didn't help him with me), and maybe more than Hillary. Certainly more than Hussein Obama. And yea, I hate PC culture too, which is why I'm not devastated about his win. And the best thing about him winning: no more expanding Muslim electorate aka "refugees."

    9. Have you seen "Clinton Cash" for the tip of what may be an iceberg?

      Using a charity to like that to get rich. Over and above the email and other stuff. With supporters that were not only out of touch about Trump and Trump supporters, but intolerant.

      It’s harder for Clinton supporters to respect Trump backers than vice versa


      It's great the Clinton era is not something to deal with anymore. Most of the things she helped administer are a mess. Like Trump said, her experience was bad.

    10. Kumar,
      I agree with you that had Hillary Clinton been elected instead of Obama in 2008, it most likely would have been a whole lot healthier for the US and the Democratic Party. Trudy says the DNC sacrificed itself for Hillary. I think the Democratic Party sacrificed itself for Obama, a leader who could dictate who should go to what bathroom, but couldn't acknowledge the reality of the regressive forces of the rising tide of radical Islam. People can connect the dots, (well, maybe not self-described 'progressives'). Now, there is the real possibility the party will read the results of the election the wrong way and lurch even further left.


      I mean, but this guy is the most outrageous person ever to win a presidential election.


      So no fault -- you don't put this fault on Clinton at all?


      I'm not going to get up here and cast fault on Democrats.


      The next head of the DNC? The continued hand of Obama.

      At least Clinton came from a liberal background that saw America positively, not critically, although she was lured by fool's gold.

      They apparently laughed at Bill Clinton when he suggested that they ignored the less progressive Democrats at their peril.

  8. Even Michael Moore among others has done a reality check on the racist American dummies concept pointing out that many of those Trump voters also voted for a black guy "named Hussein," at least once and possibly twice.

    1. So many out of touch people, so filled with rage, so wrong about things. Would be funny if not so sad. Thankfully, the surreal fog has lifted and the yoke of PC culture and globalism will be returned to their proper place.