Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Is this alt-right?

The so-called "alt-right," as conjured by the Hillary campaign and the national media, is a boogey-man.

A ghost from the past.

A golem.

The resultant mass hysteria and toxic national group-think would be funny, were it not so dangerous.

In and out of the traditional media there are constant dire warnings of the mask finally dropping from the true racist face of America. The alternative right, clustered around Breitbart News, is said to be the vanguard of rising American fascism.

What flabbergasts me is how - practically with the snap of a finger - the media conjured this ghost into reality. Virtually no one talked about this alt-right whatever-it-is until just prior to the election... which brought so much rage and tears and acrimony and blood into the hearts of sad progressives denied.

We are told that Breitbart is a white nationalist cauldron unleashed by the forces of Trump.

But just who are these people that virtually no one ever heard of until the final months of the election?

What is the alt-right, really?

It wasn't until they stamped "ALT-RIGHT" onto Donald Trump's forehead that I even knew that this transgressive right-leaning, Gay-friendly, Israel-friendly, political trend even existed.

My understanding, from listening to Breitbartians and their interlocutors, like Sam Harris, Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro, and the anti-feminist "Dangerous Faggot" Milo Yiannopoulos - who refers to Trump as "Daddy" by the way - and some of the people clustered around Horowitz's FrontPage Mag, like Daniel Greenfield, is that the alt-right is, in fact, nationalistic.

They are Jewish-trending cultural libertarians, democratic nationalists, free speech advocates, religious and atheist, Gay and Straight, opposed to mass immigration, open borders, and the kind of globalism represented by the United Nations and the European Union. Thus they tend to oppose Islam, because they oppose Sharia Law, and they oppose Sharia Law because they do not want to see Milo thrown from a high place and then stoned upon his arrival on the ground. By the end of the interview below Dave Rubin might... but that's neither here nor there.

But are these people white supremacists?

On a daily basis we are now told that people around Breitbart are white supremacists. It's the rise of the new Klan. The forces of Old and Ugly are returning to the United States and led by Donald Trump, the Monster, himself.

Nonetheless, I feel almost positive that anyone looking into the writings and speakings of the people named above will not find white supremacism.

Actual American white supremacists have no meaningful presence within American political discourse. Their current display before the public is as a political avatar created to misrepresent Trump and the Republicans.

Below is a conversation between Dave Rubin and Milo.

Rubin is a classical liberal.

Milo is a brilliant lunatic and an anti-feminist.

You tell me if these are white supremacists.


  1. A few things to get across. One, they call themselves alt-right. Two, did you watch the video of Richard Spencer celebrating Trump's victory? Elder posted it a few days ago. He was gloating about how "they [non-Europeans] need us more than we need them." Is that not white supremacism? He finished with "Hail victory!"

  2. Oh please. The left exists to troll people and they can't recognize when THEY'RE being trolled? Meanwhile the Hollywood left, in the form of Michael Shannon and Robert De Niro, is openly calling for mass murder of republicans and assassination. Is THAT something we can call out as being over the top?

  3. If the bad elements of the alt-Right become pronounced, then the movement will lose be rejected.

    Seems the white nationalists are a fringe, nothing new, and not much to be worried about. Don't see them partnering with leftist Jew haters to put on seminars about why Israel is illegitimate.

    Many progressives believe they know about what makes their opponents tick, but are grossly ignorant on the subject.

    No wonder their reactions. They have been in an Orwellian bubble. In time many will see the mistake of treating things as you want rather than as they are.

    Proponents of an open marketplace should not fear the alt-Right or the Nazis for that matter, who seem less a threat and less violent than their counterparts such as anarchists and BLM that take to the streets and rejoice when actual harm occurs..

  4. More recent Milo:

    FULL TEXT: ‘How To Destroy The Alt Right’ By MILO

  5. Mike,
    I always enjoy the Rubin Report. I looked at the video which you provided this afternoon, the interview with Milo, and I couldn't take my eyes off it. I found it fascinating.

    I used the link you provided for as well. (I should disclose that it is not the first time I visited that site. I did through other links to Israel related stories a couple years ago when Andrew Breitbart was still around.) What I didn't see were calls to roll back civil rights, articles about Jewish money lenders, or anything of the sort. What I did see was an article by Joel Pollack, one by Pat Caddell, an interview with comedian Jackie Mason about about the Steve Bannon brouhaha, and another by Breitbart's London editor, a man named...drumroll please.... Raheem Kassam.
    No articles by Steven Spencer. You know what? I'm beginning to believe that all the fuss is about 90% sensationalist hysteria.

    In 2008, Obama was endorsed by Louis Farrakhan (if that's his real name, and it isn't). Obama was able to lay it to rest quickly by saying he didn't want the endorsement and added that he couldn't blame people for liking him (that's our Obama). And the media merrily went back to kissing his ass. End of story.

    1. It's weird and disconcerting how quickly people picked up the meme and made it real.

      It was astonish to watch how the media, on behalf of the Clinton campaign, drug Breitbart from virtually nowhere and blew it up into the vehicle of the next Third Reich.

      Of course, this is the best thing ever to happen to Breitbart News. I had never even heard of most of these guys until quite recently and although I am sure that there is some racism in there, that is not there focus.
      They are not white supremacist nationalists.

      And what the alt-right mainly is, is the club that Hillary tried to kill the Deplorable One with... and now we're stuck with it!

      Our friends on the Left conjured the Beast and now that it might start pillaging the countryside they refuse to take any responsibility for letting the damn thing loose!

      Alt-right, my ass.

      The last thing that the guys that I referenced above are is fascistic. They're libertarians, not authoritarians!

      I am shocked at how easily people are led by the nose to believe whatever they are told.

  6. P.S. To Mike, old school, Sar, my favorite empress, Doodad, Jacob, Kumar, Joseph, and anyone else I might have left out, Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. One should not brag about his lack of knowledge. I am no genius, yet I knew about the alt-right for many years. You have become so obsessed with SFSU that you have ignored actual nazis in our midst. Pay attention to what Ben Shapiro says It may be that the racists and anti-semites are being used by Trump, it may also be that they are using him. My guess is that Trump is the useful idiot, And you didn't know that Breitbart was the platform for the alt-right? bannon's been bragging about that for quite some time. The thing is that the Trump's economic policies cannot work. We tried trade wars in the 1920s and they led to a depression and World War Two. Transferring wealth to the wealthy hasn't ever worked. It simply leads to oligarchy and more poverty for the rest of us. When those policies fail, who do you think is going to get the blame? Who has always gotten the blame when the economy tanks? And if hatred of Muslims is the defining feature of Judaism, count me out. But fortunately, it isn't. Ellison, by the way, isn't the problem that actual nazis are

    1. You've been wrong and out of touch about so many things. It does not matter how long you know about something, if what you know is a narrative.

      Suggesting that Ellison is the lesser problem is just another illustration. The signal that sends to the far more active Jew haters on the left. Come forth! You have lost the forest to gaze over a tree. The alt-Right is not as you appear to imagine, but the counter-culture against the suffocating world thrust at it. Trolling is part of its DNA.

      Perhaps time to ask, despite all this "knowledge" about things, if you've fallen prey to the deception and fearmongering piled on by the progressive troika of media, academia, and entertainment. The ones that demonize Trump and his supporters, yet never met any.

      The world is a way different place than perceived. Most everyone wants a planet in peace, but most understand that there is no way to create a world citizenry. In other words, globalism should not take precedence over localism unless there is actual consensus.

      When one leaves the bubble of “knowledge” that gives us the mantras and constructs of political correctness, it becomes easier to see what is obvious, and why. And not to get floored when harsh reality comes knocking. The reactions to the self-imposed ignorance is amazing to observe.

      Who knows what will happen? But it is good that we have stepped off the runaway train, if nothing else to take stock in the state of things, and not to continue as if progressive notions are truth.

    2. I thought the interview with Ben Shapiro was actually pretty good as far as illustrating Ben Shapiro's positions. Look, he's a smart guy, and I wouldn't just dismiss his concerns.
      As for the Forward opinion piece; Oh please, give me a break. A college student is not going to put me in Keith Ellison's corner, neither is a joint statement from Ellison and Diane Feinstein written in Obamaspeak. All that leads to is a harder push for a "Palestinian" state over Israel's legitimate concerns. The problem is NOT that there aren't two states, the problem is that a manufactured movement, i.e., a proxy nation invented to challenge zionism, wants to legitimize itself at the complete expense of the Jews, and their history. Don't take my word for that, listen to them, and the decades filled to the brim with evidence.

  8. here's maybe a good take on something alt right, like Pepe the frog: I LIKE!!!