Wednesday, November 2, 2016

On pacifism

Sar Shalom

Michael Totten has an excellent post from a week ago that I just got around to reading. He describes the supporters of Bernie Sanders as the alt-Left, holding many views in common with the alt-Right. One of the topics highlighted from Totten's conversations with the Sanders supporters was their attitude towards America's military strength, in which "at least two Sanders delegates said that the United States should completely disarm and have no military at all."

The best response to calls to dismantle our military comes from Scott Adams in the 1980s. There are a lot of unsavory players on the international arena who bully their way through international affairs if a butter knife were adequate to impose their will and that dismantling the US military would mean that those unsavory players would need just a butter knife.

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  1. Good post, Sar Shalom.

    I was one of those who for many years believed that the US should not be, nor really had any right to be, "the cop of the world."

    What those of us without Left ideological blinders are seeing is the simple principle that nature abhors a vacuum.

    Many of us, including me for a long time, wanted to see the US go social-democratic in the Euro-style.

    What we are learning now, however, is that Pax Americana was an over-all positive and that Euro democratic-socialism, with its open borders and mass immigration, is undermining Europe, and potentially threatens the US, as well.

    In the current western political climate, tho, to make such utterances is to place oneself in the basket of deplorables or untouchables or whateverthefuck.

    Also, of course, this "alt-right" political nonsense is, in fact, political nonsense.

    The "alt-right" is simply a term conjured by the Democrats to denote the vile enemy who it is righteous to oppose and to gather-as-one against.

    There is no "alt right" or "alt left."

    These are just new names for a new political season.