Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Israel-Bashing Profs At UC Berkeley Play Victim

Michael Lumish

I have a piece sponsored by my friends at Campus Watch entitled, Israel-Bashing Profs At UC Berkeley Play Victim, published at the Daily Caller.

Here is a tid-bit:
Are University of California academics who engage in anti-Israel activism subject to “silencing”? Such were the strident cries on October 27, when about one hundred students gathered on a cloudy morning outside of Sproul Hall at the University of California, Berkeley for the 3rd Annual International Day of Action for Palestine.

Organized by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Bears for Palestine, the rally featured Israel-bashing, BDS-promoting professors Hatem Bazian and Rabab Abdulhadi, who insisted over loudspeakers that they were being repressed by the UC system.
It's frankly astonishing that anti-Zionist activists entrenched within academia believe that they are being "silenced."

What's even more disturbing, I think, is that they sell anti-Semitic anti-Zionism under the names of "social justice" and "human rights."

All I can say is that seeking to deprive the Jewish people of self-determination and self-defense on the very land that we come from has zero to do with either of those things.

On the contrary, anti-Zionism represents the up-ending of social justice and human rights.

In any case, you guys should check it out.

And a Big Tip 'O the Kippa to Campus Watch West Coast Representative, Cinnamon Stillwell.


  1. I'm with Chrissy.

    These people are a threat to academic freedom. In the 1930's there were academics in Australian and Western universities who were open and outspoken supporters of the Nazis.

    Deportation was too good for them.

  2. Off the point, but significant. For Keith Ellison to even be considered head of the DNC shows just how far gone the once proud Democratic Party has sunk when it comes to Israel and antisemitism. Hopefully, the claims often made to the contrary will cease, but not likely.

    Could be wrong, but it seems that Democrats will allow the progressives to lead them into the wasteland, far out of touch. As they grow more irrelevant, will they force the issue with violence? That will seal their fate. One wonders if they have the brains and common sense to figure it out, especially after seeing the reaction to the election.

    1. I honestly do not know that much about the guy.

      So, just why is it that we should consider him racist towards Jews?


      The word is obtuse.

  3. geoffff, why would you think that anti-Zionist professors represent a threat to academic freedom? They clearly represent a challenge to the well-being of both Palestinian-Arabs and Jews, but why academic freedom?

  4. Morton Klein on Steve Bannon:

    1. The irony, of course, is that this is the best thing ever to happen to, or whatever it is.

      The guy, himself, must be laughing his ass off in the grave.

  5. If the Jews be they liberal or Buddhists or gay or whatnot, won't stand up for themselves then why is that my problem? We here at Casa de Trudy are 'unaffiliated' because we generally get in fights with everyone and don't have much in the way of filters when we speak to people. But we both work in the community be it paid religious school teachers, volunteers, board members or general purpose dogsbody.

    In Judaism there's David and there's Solomon. Solomon built the Temple with Hiram, he had thousands of wives, he cultivated learning, art, literature, trade. But it's the ruthless bastards who came before him who made that possible. On his deathbed David reminds us 'don't forget my enemies.' He's the one who kicked ass and lopped off heads and said fuck this shit we're going to win and you get with us or die. I am sure David would have loved to spend his life playing the harp and rolling around in the sheets with Bathsheva but that wasn't the plan for him.

    He was an asshole so that Solomon didn't have to be.

    So that's where I am with all of this. I do the heavy lifting. I do the screaming. I have the sharp elbows. I break shit so they don't have to. They can protest and follow their bliss and whatnot. Even if it hurts them. I'm still going to do what I do. If they fuck it up later on, that's on them. All we can do is say we cleared a path to allow them the luxury of sneering at us. If that works out for them, Mazel and Brucha! If not, oh well, they should try something else.

    PS in my state more people wrote in "Harambe" for president than Jill Stein. Don't expect me to take any of their complaints seriously.

    1. Oh, please, you don't fool me for a second.

      You may fool others, but I know that you're really a pussy-cat.


  6. Because they are fascistic. At the core they want to destroy all freedom.

  7. The Latest from Caroline Glick, and, I think, a must read:

  8. sadly, I think there is a lot more to come:

    the millennial generation is so steeped in identity politics, and given how Islam/Palestine groups have ingrained themselves into such causes, its gonna be a long road ahead.

    1. That's what they said about the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, but it folded like a house of cards.

      No doubt, there's a ways to go. But the repudiation is coming faster than once imagined, across the planet, and especially as we see the reaction of the media and on campus and in Hollywood.

      The violence and intolerance seems to come from one side, not the one we were told.

      Voices for inclusion of divergent opinions and participation will grow louder.

      And though militant Islam will continue to be a problem for Israel and the West, the Palestinian "most favored victim" status may have finally played its course in the international community.

      Things are looking up from these eyes.

    2. Good article that follows-up the above:

      "The High-water Mark of Progressivism"

  9. I think as a concept you have to look at the longer run viability of any society that believes it's perfect or we'll on the way to be. They generally die or fail. Sometimes it's slow like Argentina sometimes it's fast like Kampuchea. Sometimes it can take 200 years like imperial Spain. But eventually haughty arrogance is an epitaph. So let's say progressivism as a concept still has legs but te.more power we give it the faster it will die.