Monday, November 23, 2020

A Quick Note on Jewish Oversensitivity Concerning BDS

Michael Lumish

Jews are way too oversensitive to political analysis when it is focused upon them.

BDS just represents a little criticism toward Israel because they want that country to live up to its highest and most humane potential. They want Israel to be a good liberal democracy, as we all do.

Thus the BDS folks want Israel to stop being so racist. It's just a little criticism. It's meant to be helpful and, in truth, Jewish people tend to be a bit paranoid, anyway.

It's just that they want Israel to stop being a racist state.

They want Israel to stop being a colonialist state.

They want Israel to stop being an imperialist state.

They want Israel to stop being a militaristic state.

They want Israel to stop being a brutal apartheid regime.

These are heartfelt criticisms that come from a caring for the Jewish people and our place in the world.

They, therefore, want Israel to stop stealing land from the native indigenous Palestinian people.

They, therefore, want Israel to stop stealing water from the native indigenous Palestinian people.

They, therefore, want Israel to stop raping Palestinian women, like they did with Rasmea Odeh after dragging her into an Israeli military-industrial, prison-complex hell-hole.

For this reason they also very much want Israel to stop slaughtering Palestinian children for sport.

They want Israel to cease and desist from their bloody military adventures into neighboring countries.

They just want Israel -- well, really, Israeli Jews, if not Jews, more generally -- to stop being so terribly bloodthirsty, vicious, and cruel to the innocent.

What the BDS folk want more than anything is for the Jewish people to finally give up our nefarious ways and join the community of decent nations.

If now and again a Palestinian child stabs a Jewish grandmother in the street or an Arab detonates a bomb in a crowded pizza parlor, well, it's a natural response to the blood-thirsty behavior of the Jewish people.

This is merely criticism and should be received in the spirit within which it is offered.

The BDS bottom line is simple. If Jews throughout the world do not want to see violence against themselves or their children then we need to practice greater humanity. We need to be kind people rather than cruel and violent dregs.

It's just criticism.


  1. As I always say in response to these "criticism" of Israel, Jews, and just what they need to do to straighten up and fly right, "Okay, you go first."

    1. Instead of calling it criticism, I call it BS, with all respect.

      Judea and Samaria belong t Israel according to the San Remo Accords and Article 80 of the UN Charter which reaffirmed it.

      The so called 'Palestinians' were the recipients of GREAT Kindness by Israel. They, BTW are NOT native, nor do they own Judea and Samaria.They are Jordanian citizens, even the ones in the UNRWA camps courtesy of the Jordanian Parliament (if you can call it that)in 1954. They participated in the ethnic cleansing of every Jew in Judea, Samaria and east Jerusalem, including the massacre in Gush Etzion and committed numerous terrorist attacks on Israel men women and children.

      The Israelis had every right after Jordan attacked Israel in 1967 without any provocation to send these people to the country they held citizenship, Jordan. ManyJews would be alive if the Labor Government had done exactly that.

      Instead, Israel built a complete infrastructure for these people; schools, roads, a power grid water service, homes, hospitals, even a zoo and a university. Israel's reward was violent terrorism from many of the inhabitants

      This increased after the Labor party was stupid enough to allow Yasser Arafat to take over via Oslo. Even though the Israelis still allowed hospital service, the vicious killing kept on...and several 'Palestinians' actually tried to suicide bomb the same hospitals they were being treated in.

      And if you'll remember, in the one election the Pals were allowed to hold, they voted for Hamas, who are sworn to kill every Jew.

      Since Abbas and Friends now say Oslo doesn't apply to them there's only one way to handle this and it's quite kind compared to how the Pals would treat Israel's Jews if things were reversed.

      The Pals need to be returned across the Jordan River to the country they hold citizenship in, Jordan, perhaps with modest cash settlements to those who can actually prove they own land. These were the original borders the Arabs agreed to in the San Remo accord. Jordan received of 78% of the Palestine mandate, the Jews got 28%, everything west of the Jordan River.

      Then you'll see peace. And those who think this is cruel should remember that 900,000 Jews were ethnically cleansed from the Arab Word after 1948, after everything they owned but the clothes ontheir backs was plundered, the most conservative estimate of what was stolen being $1.5 million. While the so called Arab Refugees receive millions from the UN, those refugees didn't get a dime.

  2. Ya'll realize of course, that as a result of Covid, the US (and most other countries,) have already been transformed into obedient Socialist countries. Biden et al are just the mop up crew.

  3. “Biden” has appointed a Palestinian Arab who justified suicide bombings of Israeli Jews to be a legislative negotiator.
    In other news, the corona virus apparently hasn’t heard about the new sheriff in town.

  4. And, of course, not wanting be the only septuagenerian with bad judgment in his own administration, Joe Biden has picked foreign policy "wiz" (not as in wizard, but rather as in, "I gotta take a ___), John Kerry, to get wrong global warming, now euphemistically referred to as "climate change" (where would we be without these euphemisms). John Kerry went to Vietnam for a truncated tour and he is from a wealthy family, so he really knows what he's talking about, lovey.

    It was because of John Kerry that we knew that moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem that the Arab/Muslim world would explode, and that Israel cannot make peace with the other Arab states, "no, no, no" said Kerry, without first addressing the 'palestinian' issue.
    I'm just so glad that old gang of mine is back ready to run things the they were before, i.e., sclerotic, atrophied, and secretly, with a compliant press.

  5. Welcome the new boss same as the old bosses (except for Trump.)

  6. One wonders if Biden will apologize to Iran for Soleimani; offer them one of our generals in return along with a trillion dollars.

  7. " Multiple Editors At Random House Broke Down In Tears After Hearing The Company Will Publish Jordan Petersen’s Next Book…

    These people are not well in the head."

    I have all these pithy things I wanna say about this but none seem adequate and ultimately seem pointless....ya feel me?

    1. PEN is going to Obama an award. Cuomo gets an award. The groups are trying to write history. There is a partisan and political purpose to giving these awards. They want it on the record. They want to be the record. So in the future those who praise these men will be rewarded while those who don’t will be shunned.

    2. These people talk a good game about Nazis, but don’t look much in the mirror.
      Jordan Peterson is a needed voice in the era of..., I think it will need its own name. Any ideas?

    3. Totalitarians taking over publishing is right on schedule. Take out Iranian nuke sites now.
      The more Trump is called on to concede, the more I am convinced of fraud.
      A trip down memory lane: 4 years ago the press was loaded up on stories alleging how Hillary could still be sworn in as the President.

    4. There’s 12 rules for life, and then there is being a 12 year old. Your friend might want to change his moniker to ‘too cool for school’. Mr. Petersen probably has more knowledge, wisdom, and compassion in his little pinky, than your friend has or will ever have in his shallow woke existence.
      Perhaps you should get to know people and things first hand and learn to think independently rather this, “someone said something about someone, so I’m good nonsense.” We’re already losing an entire generation to this woke authoritarian impulse your generation has confused with thought.

    5. Law Boy not faring too well with his sick mind. The typical "empathetic" progressive is properly excoriated. That you "luv" it says a lot. Try to have a nice Thanksgiving, though it's a difficult venture for wokesters pretending to be about unity and humanity.

  8. Most Dems may hate Peterson but if he ever hit real bottom they'd be ok with him pooping in the streets so that's gotta count for something; those compassionate fools.

  9. Randall, Peterson is actually a lot like Joseph Campbell. They're both essentially Jungian mythologists, although Peterson is also a corporate advisor. One nutshell difference between them is that while Campbell said, "Follow your bliss" and was beloved by the Left, Peterson is more likely to say, "Clean your damn bedroom" and is detested.

    1. Of course Campbell was none too fond of Jews and Judaism, so he also had that going for him.

    2. When they say they’re ‘good’, think ‘glib’.

    3. Jeff, I think that you have a point about Campbell. I do not know that I would call him antisemitic, but I suspect that as a mythologist he was not crazy about the Judeo-Christian influence which emphasizes a single god. As a mythologist he enjoyed an array of deities, or so I suspect.

      I had a prof a bit like him at UCONN named Charles Boer. Boer was a mythologist and a translater of ancient Greek and Latin. He believed that all the gods exist. I am sure that he was speaking metaphorically.

      He used to have an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie poster on the inside of his office door. When I asked him about it he said that Schwarzenegger was a child of Apollo. He was a weird cat.

      He also wrote "Freud's Own Cookbook" with the famous writer and psychologist, James Hillman. It's actually funny as hell and includes honest recipes. It has The Interpretation of Creams, Moses and Matzohballism, Freud Clams, and more!