Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Morally Repugnant Campaigns of Political Hatred

Michael Lumish

What we have seen over the last four years is the effectiveness of a campaign of hatred. Trump was despised as soon as he received the Republican nomination in 2016 because he was an interloper within the natural order. It was Hillary's turn and Trump interfered.

This was not only an affront to the Democratic Party, but to progressive-left notions around feminism which required, at this late date, a female President of the United States.

The hatred built on itself and it became sacrilegious to fail the Hatred Toward Trump Test. And, damn, if this campaign of hatred did not work. Families and friendships were broken.

I wasn't sure if it would, but it definitely did.

This is because it became socially unacceptable not to snoop your nose down on Donald Trump. Those without the requisite hatred, and who dared open their mouths, were seen as morally eroded and vaguely disgusting.

The greater the hatred, the greater the moral superiority. This translated into a litmus test for social/political acceptability within the establishment press, social media, Hollywood, academia, and Democratic Party friendships and social circles.

Was the 2020 election stolen?


All democratic elections, everywhere in the world, are subject to a measure of voter fraud. The only real question is whether or not the Republicans can prove -- or, at least, reasonably demonstrate -- organized high-level Democratic Party voter fraud in 2020.

My suspicion is that, no, the Republicans will not manage to successfully challenge this election in the courts. What turned this election had less to do with Democratic Party electoral cheating than it did with, as Noam Chomsky would put it, "manufacturing consent."

My view is probably skewed from living in the San Francisco Bay Area, but pretty much everyone that I know despises Donald Trump with the heat of a thousand Zionist suns. They despise this man in a way that I have never seen any public figure despised before.

Thus, Joe Biden's victory has less to do with voter fraud, or even Donald Trump's character, than has to do with the Manufacture of Public Hatred and the encouragement of group-think around vital questions.

It certainly has very little to do with Joe Biden.


  1. A great summation, Mike.

    Still, I think the Trump people should challenge away. Whatever they uncover about Democrat malfeasance is a plus, IMV. And yes, the behavior of the Democrats and the MSM, which gave up journalism for political advocacy in 2008 and turbo charged it in 2015, 2016 to oust and ruin the reputation of Donald Trump more than even he himself ever could. Yes, there was, and is, "collusion," and lots of it. And of course, it as it mostly happens, it was the folks pointing the finger that were the ones engaged in it. Now we have Big Tech as our de facto rulers, keepers of the public record so to speak. We are in deep shit well over our heads.

    1. And the feminists (who I have been engaging with in happenstance around all this) haven't a clue. And guess what? I think they are more fucked up people than I ever had imagined.
      Things just don't hang in stasis the way people want to believe. The parties, as you have pointed out, have changed. Things are fluid, and the Democrats have picked up many habits that to me just don't spell "mother" if you know what I mean. :0)

    2. There was always a question in the back of my head whether or not all of this hatred would pay-off electorally for the Democratic Party and it did. I never advocated for the guy, but they turned him into some kind-of monster. They created a cloud of malice around the guy that I found it difficult to see through.

  2. One of their "challenges" already blew up as a bribed fake:


    1. Are you alleging this was a scam? The article states:

      But in a YouTube video he posted Tuesday night, he denied recanting. “I’m here to say I did not recant my statements. That did not happen,” he said.

      In other words, why rush to judge simply because you read it in the WaPo? Do you actually believe it's a neutral player? It is one of the leaders of the 95% negative press that reinforces misperceptions of reality. How can anyone legitimately claim to have superior knowledge under such conditions? Doesn't stop WaPo from corrupting the news.

      Do you think Project Veritas fabricated about Omar's district?

    2. The truth is, we will probably never know the degree of voter fraud in this election and, speaking strictly for myself, I will never trust a Biden administration. There are a number of reasons for this.

      The first is the last four years of poison coming out of the Democratic Party and progressive-left demonstrates an overwhelming motive to cheat. Does this prove that they cheated? Of course, not. It merely shows that they had a very deep and sincere motive for doing so.

      The second was that they pushed this year, of all years, to push mail-in voting thus guaranteeing that whichever side lost they would suspect election theft. The notion that you would push an alternative voting scenario during a period of great cultural and political instability is flat-out moronic.

    3. Also a period of great pandemic, hence the push for mail-in voting.

    4. And as for Omar and Project Veritas, The Bulwark throws heavy shade on that story.


      (As an aside, in a just world, Rep. Omar would never have made it to America. We need less immigration, and more selective as well.)

    5. Randall, do you honestly believe that mail-in voting is because of CV-19? You must be a very trusting fellow, because I do not think so. Were that the case my local Target would be under lockdown. It isn't.

    6. Randall, but ya know, what? Let's say that when the Democratic Party decided to push for mail-in voting they did so with the purist of intentions. It doesn't matter. I, along with about half the planet, knew that this would end up an election in chaos because whichever side was losing would blame the other for cheating. Given the amazing distrust between Americans today, this was inevitable with a large push toward mail-in voting.

    7. Democratic superhero, Dr. Fauci, said Americans could vote safely in person. It was around that time that Democrat voters stopped posting his photo lovingly all over the internet, and when Democrats decided that 80 million unsolicited ballots just might do the trick as they brought law suits in every state they could to relax standards and safeguards as to the authentication of ballots.
      Very pure of heart.

  3. Along the lines mentioned:


    Again, as someone raised in a deeply liberal and Democratic family in Chicago, I do not know when the Democratic party became the party for censorship.

    1. The Obama Administration would be a good place to start, since it engaged in it. Such an opaque regime, maybe one day we'll pry it wide open to the disinfectant of daylight. An obsequious press failed the American people before the fact on that one.
      Excuse me, but I need to go back to my day job now, oppressing Michelle Obama.

  4. "Thus, Joe Biden's victory has less to do with voter fraud, or even Donald Trump's character, than has to do with the Manufacture of Public Hatred and the encouragement of group-think around vital questions."

    And yet so many of our tribe fell for this, hook, line, and stinker. (not a typo)