Sunday, November 22, 2020


Michael Lumish

There are several things that I despise about the Trump Administration.

The first is all this peace in the Middle East nonsense. It is much better to go back to encouraging hostility between Jews and Muslims because, as a dick-like personal acquaintance of mine once told me, the Jews are not "humane" to the innocent, bunny-like Palestinian-Arabs.

Thus the only thing to do is, yet again, fund the Palestinian Authority and the PLO so that they can finance the "Martyrs Fund" wherein they literally pay random Arabs to kill Jews in the streets of Israel.

After all, as Barack Obama understood, the only path to peace is through Jewish blood. Until the Israeli Jews recognize that Judea is Arab land and they have no right to build villages for themselves on the land of their heritage, then the Democratic Party, the European Union, and the United Nations have no choice but to finance "pay-for-slay" wherein the West pays Arabs to kill Jews.

But it is clearly for our own good.

I believe that it was Hitler who told the Jews, "Sit your ass down and shut the fuck up or it may go bad for you." Greater words of wisdom were never spoken.

And in that vein of peace, it is also necessary to give gazillions of US tax dollars to the Ayatollahs in Iran who call for not only the genocide of the Jewish people but for death to America. It is, therefore, necessary to help the Holy Men of Iran build a Nuclear Weapon of Peace for the purpose of stabilizing that part of the world through a nuclear arms race.

What Biden and Obama understand, and the insidious racist and sexist Republicans do not, is that the only way forward is for the Sunni Arab states, like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, to have nukes of their own in their never-ending struggle against the Shia Muslims of Iran.

This nuclear arms race will represent a soothing Balm of Peace and Goodness to the Levantine mind.

But enough of those insidious Jews and the desire of the Democrats to help them through hatred.

Maybe sometime in the next few days, I will discuss American political culture and how it is important to manufacture fear and loathing toward those disgustingly white fascist Americans of European descent and their "Zionist" allies.

What Joe Biden and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Democratic Party understand, but that you may not, is that Martin Luther King, Jr, got it all upside-down and backward. The thing is not NOT to judge people according to skin color but to make sure that people follow the example of BLM/Antifa by encouraging violent racism in the name of peace-loving anti-racism.

It is, therefore, necessary for "progressives" and youthful Democrats to cover their faces in the streets for the purposes of political violence against synagogues and cops and anyone wearing a red baseball cap.

But that is for a later discussion.


  1. Way back when, Trump opened up Palm Beach to Jews and blacks against the sincere wishes of all his neighbors in that community, and then had his lawyer send each of his neighbors video cassettes of Gentlemen's Agreement and Guess Who's Coming To Dinner. He's so obviously a Nazi. Just ask the JDCA who's relationship with the Democrats is as close and kosher as Ham & Eggs.

    But what's past is past and the news media and even many Republicans think it's of the utmost importance to stop all and any inquiries into election fraud. There is no undue sordid influences on our elections or politics.
    And remember, just in case there is ever any unethical behavior, Barack Obama maintains a residence 1 mile from the White House, ready to save the day.
    (Yes, he actually has the chutzpah to state in his book that his reign was ethical and pure in every way.)
    He should sign his letters, "Stealthily and subversively yours, Barry."

    1. "It was as if my very presence in the White House had triggered a deep-seated panic, a sense that the natural order had been disrupted," ... For millions of Americans spooked by a Black man in the White House, he promised an elixir for their racial anxiety.

      If that does not encapsulate this racist man, nothing does. God forbid, you oppose his policies or that he hid his true self (even to his followers) behind a composite. They still think he's the composite, just as they see Trump as an evil caricature, that blinds them from reality. Or that Obama violated the rights of others using the government as his sword.

      It appears that Biden is still beholden (maybe there's another laptop in Obama's safe) and Harris seems his work. Talk about trying to stay in power forever, that seems more an Obama thing than for anyone else.

      If you want to know why America is crumbling, especially for all the Trump haters and progressives out there, it's because of the genuine Obama depicted above and in other instances, not the composite Obama of your dreams. Rather than blame Trump as the cause of all evil, perhaps it's more appropriate to look at the role of Obama and his enablers.

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    3. Of course, you are right. But the media will never look. I don't know what it's all about, but until it's all straightened out nothing will truly be right again. The Left still hasn't come to terms with the fact the JFK's skull was shattered by one of theirs. Nov. 22, 1963, for those of you counting.

      I voted for Obama in 2008. But then, in January 2009, I watched his inauguration and, holy fuck'n cheeses, that dude is black! Why didn't anyone tell me?!! I marched right back to my polling place, but wouldn't you know, it was closed. Oh darn.
      I felt like Gabby Johnson standing on the roof with my telescope, trying to warn the good people of Rock Ridge about the new sheriff. The End.

  2. The re-education camps will be glorious!

    1. Yes, comrade! It is a great day for the workers. Okay, well, not the workers exactly, but the alleged systemically oppressed races and genders. But not really.
      It's more like the dark ages, but with great technology.

    2. Look how easily we adapted that comrade stuff. No Siberia for us!!!!!

  3. He's Evil

    and then there's his replacement: