Friday, November 20, 2020

Would this be wrong?

 Michael Lumish


  1. Is that a woman or some other progressive gender?

  2. Facebook deleted a political cartoon I shared. So, in the comments I re-described the cartoon. We'll see what happens. The MSM and Big Tech is pulling some real CCP kind of shit.

    1. Who are you on FB?

      If you don't want to say so here you can message me there.

    2. I guess what inspired the thing above, tho, is that I am sick to death of this faux-artistic historical revisionism where you create Broadway productions in which the founders of the US are black men.

      Or a movie where Anne Boleyn is portrayed by a black woman.

      It's just ridiculous. An Italian or an Arab or European can, for example, play most Jews of historical significance, but a Jewish Igbo from Nigeria cannot play Golda Meir.

      But what really drives me batty is that the producers of such ahistorical bullshit honestly believe that they are making a necessary radical statement. Well, they are, but it was necessary and radical in 1968.

      Now it's just virtue signalling.

    3. If they want to say that America was never great and has sucked since its founding, then go ahead and say it was founded by black men.
      Otherwise I would suggest sticking to the script of historical reality, the good and the bad, and roll the credits honestly.
      The USA is a wondrous country with a rich history; a country ahead of its time. Fuck these losers and their Madison Avenue ad campaigns of national neuroses.
      Speaking of "America was never really great," Andrew Cuomo caldo uovo is getting an Emmy. A made for TV governor and Potemkin Village of a COVID-19 hero. In bad grammar that I think sums things up accurately, he ain't his father.

    4. My facebook name is just my real name. You know it, I think. If not, let me know. It's just my personal account. I never used to use it for political shit, but seeing as how out of control and at the precipice we are, I couldn't resist. I might be deleting soon though, since there political climate is so dangerous thanks to all those freedom loving progressives out there.
      Their motto: Let's forgive, but make lists.