Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Is Ella, the Flying Fairy, Racist and Sexist?

Michael Lumish

I think Ella is racist and sexist. Just look at this thing. Could Ella possibly be more white? Are there black Ellas? Brown Ellas? Yellow Ellas? Jewish Ellas? I don't think so. But even if there are it doesn't change the fact that White Flying Fairy Ella is privileged. Do you see any Ellas "of color" in the advertisement? I sure don't. Don't you think that there should be? Where is the Ella inclusivity and equity? Ella is so white I am practically blinded looking at her. She is so white that it is offensive. She is so white that she frightens innocent children in the streets. Here she is:

Jeezus Mother of God. Look at that thing! What is this, 1954? You can tell by the smug look on her face that she is a cisgender, white racist. Her whiteness is not merely evident in that blinding skin color, but obviously in the way that she thinks of herself compared to the lower beings around her. Whiteness, after all, is not merely about skin tone or European ethnicity, it is about a toxic way of thinking and being that all decent people should condemn. Do you want to know why good people are looting, pillaging, and murdering in the streets of Portland and Seattle and Minneapolis and Chicago and New York over the course of the last six months? It is because of all those nauseating Caucasian people with their racism and privilege and pastrami on white bread with mayo (hold the ketchup).


As the Smithsonian recently told us, whiteness has specific attributes that have become normalized over time due to the toxic European domination of European culture. These attributes include an alleged white-Euro affinity for individualism, the nuclear family, objective and rational "linear" thinking, hard work as a key to success, and the valuing of property, such as one's home.

It's disgusting! 

And Ella is the perfect example of this heinous racist whiteness that we are surrounded by on a daily basis. Notice how she floats above others indicating her faith in her own racial superiority. She looks down on the rest of humanity as it struggles to survive under the domination of cruel and heartless white people who use the Proud Boys as their enforcers, their street thugs. Would they ever make a fat, Jewish, hunchback Ella? I don't fucking think so. 

Well, why not?! Hmmm...?

Furthermore, Ella is a "fairy." What the hell is that supposed to mean? Are we supposed to believe that Ella is a lesbian? Is she actually female? Just what is Ella's sexual identity, anyway? Is she Autoromatic and, thereby, finds herself sexually attracted to herself? (Probably.) Or is she biromantic and, thus, is romantically, but not sexually, attracted to individuals of more than one gender? It could be, of course, that Ella is cupiosexual and while having no sexual desires nonetheless wants to be in a sexual relationship. Or she could be demisexual, sexually fluid, greysexual, monosexual, omnisexual, or pansexual... and that just brings us to the "P"s.

So, just what the hell is this flying white bitch?

My guess is that she is a straight, white, privileged, cisgendered, female of the fairy species who looks with haughty contempt at the underprivileged and underrepresented in Western society. She's a bit like Jim Gaffigan, but not nearly as funny. Either that or she is nothing like Jim Gaffigan. One or the other.

{I just like Jim Gaffigan.}


  1. I don't know what to say, except that maybe "gaff again" could have been a good moniker for Joe Biden who now presides over something called the "Office of the President Elect." Yeah, I never heard of it either.
    So far, it looks like a George Costanza Administration.

  2. Only men o'color are permitted to drool over precious little blonde bombshells. That is approved of behavior, but must only be acknowledged through photos in advertisements and such - not stated through speech. I believe that trend was begun by the Krauts and the Svenskas. Pay more attention.

    Ya know, I remember when liberals were smart. Now they're neither.

  3. Meanwhile, unbeknown to the wokies and their enemies, the Trump gang is replacing top-level defense and intel officialdom. Gen. Barry R McCaffrey has this to say about that:

    "The crisis at the top of the Pentagon is just beginning - (DANGER. We are watching a slow moving Trump coup to defy the Biden election and refuse to leave office by diktat. Believe your eyes. This will be a test of our institutions.)"

    So if there are any institutionalists in here, they might want to check Democratic hack sites like DU and Daily Kos or Never Trump right-wing sites like The Bulwark to keep abreast of what's goin' on.

    1. So, you're suggesting that Trump is attempting a coup d'état?

    2. Abreast of what's going on? Sorry, but see little cause to believe the Trump hating sources you kindly cite. They pushed Russian collusion, the dossier, the whistleblower and impeachment, and so many mistruths and deceptions in the slow moving coup named the resistance. Did you hear Trump is Hitler? But now we should believe them, right? How idiotic.

      And if it was so unbeknown, why is it on Twitter? What is actually unbeknown is information that the tech overlords suppressed and censored from the public before the election in their efforts to distort the game and tilt the playing field.

      The evidence that Biden is a CCP puppet is far more compelling than anything put forth about Trump and Russia.

      Do you have pinups of Adam Schiff and Bill Kristol on your bedroom wall?

    3. Tin foil hat time, as have been the past four years of TDS. People will suffer from it far into the future.
      We may now all join in with the MSM in pretending that the country has been saved from 'racism' and 'fascism'.
      Randall is here to remind us all that the tilting at windmills isn't nearly over. It won't end when Trump leaves, l but is here to stay, i.e., vigilant and on guard against a return to 'fascism'. Once Trump is gone we will all need to continue to 'resist'.

    4. Sorry, but what is "DU"? Democrats Ululating?

    5. I wouldn't worry about it that much Randall. Dana Milbank says that the grifter-in-chief is just using this nonsense to get the rubes to send him money. He has to split the take with the Republican party, but there will be enough for him. He has been complaining about Wisconsin and says he wants a recount. He is entitled to it if he puts up three million dollars. He hasn't and won't.

    6. Reference was recently made to the NY Times as authoritative. Now that guru Dana Milbank,

      New York Magazine just eviscerated the NYT as a place where advocacy journalism now rules the day, at the hands of Twitter and people who have agendas besides good journalism. The WaPo is no different. These are no longer persuasive sources for the points being made, but purveyoys, time and again, of fake news and deception.

      Rubes, by the way, are more easily seen in people that gave to and spent $100 million or near that EACH to unseat Graham, McConnell, Ernst, and Collins. And how much will be siphoned for the Georgia seat, "to change America, then change the world."

      And speaking of grifters, have you heard of the Bidens? Looks like they have been for sale for decades, using public service to amass a fortune. What have they actually contributed? Not to mention the possible perversion. That is who YOUR candidate is. You sure can pick em!

      So keep pretending to be superior and on the side of morality. Far from it.

    7. Joseph, what I appreciate about your comments is that they demonstrate your superior morality and intelligence. You are obviously far more moral than Donald Trump, who is clear a "grifter" and you are far more intelligent than the many millions of Americans who support Trump, who you consider "rubes."

      So, were you born with this surpassing intelligence and morality? Did your parents instill it in you when you were a child? Or are you a self-made genius and moral icon?

      You write:

      Trump "has to split the take with the Republican party, but there will be enough for him."

      Ah, so not only are you far, far superior in intelligence and morality then others but, as it turns out, you have inside knowledge of the nefarious dealings between the insidious Trump and the Republican Party.

      I'm telling ya, man, if you would simply publish the findings of your extensive research on the matter I have no doubt you would get rich.

      You should start by contacting The Atlantic or, indeed, the NYT.

    8. I hear that Joseph is Dana Milbank's poodle.
      The Democrats, who once did battle to rid politics of "dark money," are now the champs in collections and distribution.
      The Biden campaign was not just on the take from the Tech Barons of Suppression and Censorship, but Big Pharma is also a Big friend. (Trump was advocating Canadian-like drug prices for Americans using Rx's developed in America, again stepping on the toes of powerful insiders. And, as we all know, lowering drug prices is 'racist'.)
      And let's not forget China, the Bidens' favorite one party nuclear state, at least for now, eh, Chuck Schumer?

  4. It always mattered to me that this small place hold different perspectives. I like ideological diversity.

    1. I can completely understand why you would long for it, believe me. :0)

      Arguing is a part of my upbringing.