Saturday, January 5, 2013

Islamists vow to kill Jews who return to Egypt

Mike L. 
The Islamic Jihad has called on the Muslim Brotherhood's Essam el-Erian to resign from his role as adviser to Morsi and to apologize to the Egyptian people for his statement asking Egyptian Jews to leave Israel and reclaim their properties back at home • “They will destroy the economy and foment sedition. Their return will be over our dead bodies.”

Dr. Essam el-Erian, a senior Muslim Brotherhood official and adviser to the Egyptian president, called on Jews who left Egypt to return, as "Israel will be destroyed within a decade."

Speaking to the pan-Arab daily Asharq Al-Awsat from Cairo, El-Erian called on Egypt's Jews "to leave historic Palestine and return to the country from which they came," and predicted "the demise of the State of Israel within 10 years," the paper reported...

Reaction to El-Erian's statements was furious. “We shall fight them vigorously if they return, especially the Egyptian-Israeli Jews,” said Mohamed Abou Samra, the leading figure in the Islamic Jihad movement. “Islamic Shariah says they deserve to be killed,” he told the Egypt Independent.
Obama helped install the Brotherhood into power in Egypt and this is the result.

Barack Obama is among the very worst things to happen to the Jewish people in my lifetime, without question.

Obama stood up before the world community, pointed toward the riots and murders and rapes that collectively made up the so-called "Arab Spring" and told us that this is democracy and Obama's pro-Israel Jewish supporters lapped it up like cream.

Now that we're actually seeing the results of this stupidity they will take no responsibility for anything, nor even assign any responsibility to Obama himself for supporting the rise of political Islam in the Middle East, nor even admit that there's a problem.

This is beyond naive.  It's criminally irresponsible.


  1. You know who doesn't help this situation? Shitheads like David Harris-Gershon who (of course) just love this asininity.

    Useful Idiot types -

    "The Facebook site housing this initiative, Real Democracy, already has countless offers from Israelis willing to give up their votes as well as matches with Palestinians"

    "Countless" has a definition, actually. And since the number of registered voters in Israel is indeed a matter of record, I'd argue that this alone should disqualify this fanatical anti-Israel hack (who laughably claims to be pro-Israel!) from being taken seriously by anyone. But ridiculous hyperbole is, of course, what he sells to antisemites at places like Daily Kos who love having an as-a-Jew of their very own.

    Yet this simple-minded jerkoff actually gets paid to write about the Arab-Israel conflict? Interesting times, indeed...

    1. I have to say, I'm disappointed in Michael Lerner.

      I never doubted that Lerner was anything but an honest supporter of Israel despite whatever disagreements I may have come to have with the guy.

      But he pays this guy to write about Israel and the Arab-Israel conflict.

      My respect for Lerner is shot and I'm a guy who, as a student, recommended his hiring to SFSU. I even dug up a piece that he wrote in the late 1960s, when he was a graduate student at Berkeley, taking the synagogues to task for not more vocally opposing the Vietnam War.

      I admired the man.

      Not no more.

    2. Mike, I just read somewhere that like 47 million Jews (but nobody really even knows the true number - it's countless!) in Israel have just decided to dissolve their country, and hand their votes over to a hostile neighboring population dedicated to killing them and their children!

      (To be fair to Mr. Lerner, he may have missed this while he was writing letters of praise to himself, to be printed in the next issue of his magazine...)

      53 recommends and counting (pro-Israel posters there couldn't even buy 53 recommends), on that, and more importantly zero pushback at all.

      Boy, I'm sure glad no leftists are successfully trying to turn Israel into a wedge issue, though!

    3. I'm a little surprised at charliehall who I've usually considered moderate, reasonable, pro-Israel left.

      I've been saying for a while (0+ / 0-)

      that it looks like the two state solution may be terminal. In that case, Israel might as well annex the WB and let Palestinians there vote in Israeli elections, just as Palestinians who ended up within the 1949 Armistice Line do. It would produce a very different Knesset.

      Justice for Gaza, however, will have to await the demise of Hamas. And with the Muslim Brotherhood running Egypt that is unlikely to happen soon.

      by charliehall2 on Sun Jan 06, 2013 at 07:59:24 PM PST

      So Charlie would throw Israel into the trash as a Jewish state because the "Palestinians" refuse to accept a state in peace next to it?

      That's essentially what he is saying.

      I'm starting to think that maybe the moderate, reasonable, pro-Israel left, is not so moderate or reasonable or pro-Israel after all.

      I do not know what the hell they are. I just know that I do not want one in my foxhole.

    4. Yeah, I noticed that, too. I suppose if you hang around the dumpster long enough, you begin to pick up the stench of the trash...

  2. They'll be allowed to keep their shoes (or at least their head, and maybe allowed to perhaps wrap towels around their feet as they're kicked onto rafts) as soon as they're immediately expelled from the wonderfully democratic "one-state solution" which would result if every Israeli were as stupid as they are...