Monday, January 21, 2013

The Bantustans of New York (Infographic)

Mike L.
A Tip 'O the Kippa to the Elder of Ziyon.


  1. In line with keeping it real about various actors and the fact that old antisemites never really change no matter how some try to spin it, let's see what our old pal Abbas is up to these days:

    "Abbas said, "I challenge anyone to deny the relationship between Zionism and Nazism before World War II."

    This is, of course, a sickening implication. There were contacts before World War II as Zionists tried to save Jews from Germany; for example, the Ha'avara Agreement. Abbas is however trying to spin it as if Zionists and Nazis were cooperating in genocide, which puts him beneath contempt.......According to Maariv Abbas also said that he will write 70 books that prove the ties between the Zionist movement and the Nazis before WWII. He challenges any Jew to prove him wrong."

    The Big Ugly in action? You know the MSM tried like Hell to hide what Morsi said and then when the NYT did publish it, the general reaction was ho hum so what. Guarantee this Abbas thing will never see the light of day in the western media.

  2. Staten Island is Occupied New Jersey Territory, btw. Perth Amboy, Carteret and Linden residents are entitled to a full Right of Return. The people of Elizabeth and Bayonne also suffer the ignominy of bridges cutting through sacred land. Port Reading and Jersey Gardens Mall are New York settlements illegal under international law. The Keansburg Accords are routinely violated by New Yorkers adding decks to their homes in New Dorp.

    1. Not sure just where New Dorp is, but IMO the Palestine Firsters are just a buncha dorps. ;)

    2. New Dorp is a waterfront (or as we say here in Philadelphia, 'wooderfront')-adjacent neighborhood in East-Central Staten Island whose residents benefit unfairly from the racist, illegal, imperialist colonial New York Occupation of Sacred New Jersey Parking Lots!!1!