Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jerusalem in 2013

Mike L.

Berlin in the early 1930s?

Baghdad in the 1940s?


Jerusalem today.


  1. This sooperdooper Daily Kos progressive genius claims that Jews living somewhere will make a future Palestinian (criminal, basketcase terror) State "vitually"* impossible.

    (Even though a quick look at a map refutes the simpleton's thesis, but hey! We're demonizing Jooz here, so why bother with such niceties?)

    So I don't know, Mike. Perhaps we should be more like Daily Kos bigot sofia, and support Progressive Ethnic Cleansing(tm)!

    *This probably has something to do with chicken livers, I'm sure.

    1. Jay,

      you give me the distinct impression that you are not a big fan of Sofia.


      When I was still a member in good-standing there I often would comment something to the effect of, "The Palestinians need to come to the table, God Dammit, and come to a reasonable conclusion of hostilities."

      After awhile Sofia started posting little images of coffee tables after those comments.

      She's no friend of the Jewish people or of Israel, but those comments were kind of funny.

      Oh, and btw, she's also dropped in here for the purpose of being mean and nasty, but that was quite awhile ago.

    2. Whatever gave you that idea?


      My first impression of that person was that they weren't too bright, and that their little act was obvious. Classic Concern Troll.

      What bothered me most was that so many of my old friends there were so petrified of her / him, and her / his alleged sooperdooper "sockpuppet" detector powers / prowess, so the first thing I said to myself was, self? This person must have multiple sockpuppets. After which point I quickly realized that "sofia" is also "Noah in NY," a few similar derivatives thereof, and likely a couple other people there, too.

      And yeah, another point is that he or she is certainly no friend of the Jewish people, yet nobody was willing to point that out there. In fact, it was generally considered uncouth to challenge his or her bonafides as a "neutral" (LOL!) Daily Kosser, who allegedly called out BS on both "sides," though I'll; be damned if I can ever remember one instance of Noah... I mean, sofia... ever doing anything there aside from advancing the mainstreaming of antisemitism by supporting the idiotic ramblings of tools like Lefty Coaster and Assaf, etc etc...

      Oh, and btw, she's also dropped in here for the purpose of being mean and nasty, but that was quite awhile ago.

      He or she still reads us, as I pointed out not long ago...


      Btw, Noah... I mean, sofia... is welcome to stop by again any time and try to defend their behavior, no?

      We'll be fair. Or at least, fairer than what someone like you or I would expect at that Big Orange Hate Site...