Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Palestinian “holy Trinity”: Jesus, Arafat and Abbas

Mike L. 
PA leader Rajoub: “The greatest Palestinian in history since Jesus is Yasser Arafat.” 
The Palestinian leadership’s falsification of history by presenting Jesus as an ancient Palestinian increased in regularity as Christmas approached this year. In the last month alone, the PA media has transmitted six additional PA misrepresentations of Jesus as a Palestinian, including:

The Governor of Ramallah: “We all have the right to be proud that Jesus is a Palestinian”

PA historian: “In the final analysis, Jesus the Messiah is a Palestinian”

The PA Mufti: “Jesus is a Palestinian par excellence”
One of the more insidious tactics that the Palestinian-Arabs use in their ongoing war against the Jewish people in the Middle East is in the theft of Jewish history.

Anyone who is interested in this vital phenomenon might check the "Theft" tab at the top of Israel Thrives.  The number of articles linked to represents only a small, but growing, portion of all that is available.

They're not only trying to rob Jewish people of Jewish land, they're even trying to rob Jewish people of our own history.

What they are telling the world, essentially, is that just as the Palestinians are the New Jews, so the Jews are the New Nazis and many people throughout the international community, particularly in the western left, are buying into this pornographic nonsense and we're letting them get away with it.

I wonder why?


  1. I agree that the racist Palestinian theft of Jewish land, history and culture absolutely needs to come to an end.

    (I'm totally on board with turning the language game right back around, and as an added bonus we actually have the benefit of our language being true.)

    1. Exactly. The problem is not the world calling Jesus a Palestinian but calling the Arab colonists in the Land of Israel so.

      When you've gone from Immanuel Kant calling the German Jews of his time "The Palestinians among us" and the preface of the 1917 JPS English translation of the Torah speaking of "Palestinian Rabbis" (to contrast with their counterparts in Alexandria in Second Temple days), to the present state of so many people saying "Jewish foreigners out of Palestine now!", you know a monstrous propaganda feat of turnspeak has taken hold.

  2. http://henpantha.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/img_3086.jpg