Thursday, January 10, 2013


Mike L.

If you don't understand that opposing political Islam is not only not racist but the only normal thing for a people under threat to do then you understand nothing and should probably consider quiet.

The Jews of the Middle East are under very serious threat from the violent Jihad and if you do not understand that, or cannot bring yourself to address it in a forthright manner, then you are not an advocate for the Jewish people.

If as-a-Jew you have greater hatred for a brave soul like Pamela Geller then you do for those who would kill her then you are a fool.

A Tip 'O the Kippah to Oldschooltwentysix.


  1. Yup.

    And let's not forget that disliking a religion because that religion holds in you in contempt is NOT racism.

    Religion is about culture, not about a biological hierarchy of races. It is thus the opposite of racism because it is not innate.

    I tend to disagree with Geller in that I consider the problem the politicalization of the religion. Political Islam, after all, is centered on the demonization of the Jews.

    And we're supposed to respect that?

    And, excuse me, but just why is it that the president of the United States is supporting such a movement?

    Barack Obama supports political Islam, but agrees with Mahmoud Abbas that Judea should be Judenrein. There is something fundamentally fucked up about this, don't you think?

    You know, Doodad, I need to read up more about the Kapos because they're normally portrayed as just selfish people trying to ward off punishment through betraying their fellow Jews. I am wondering more and more if they also weren't ideologues who maybe thought that the Jewish people were guilty as hell with the implication that we actually deserve whatever punishment that we get.

    I don't know the answer to that question, but it is an interesting question.

  2. And to think that some people claim that to present this information, much of which the general public does not fully comprehend, is the same as saying that ALL Muslims are terrorists and is bigoted.

    To make this claim is so far removed from reality as to be laughable.

    Some even claim that this information parallels what the Nazis did to the Jews, and it is but a step toward genocide of the 50 million Muslims in Europe or the 1.8 billion in the world.

    Some even claim that there is a parallel between what is in the Bible and Quran, when it comes to calls for violence against others, and that some Sephardic, religious Jews do the same as the Islamists and a huge swath of Arabs. How many videos of Jews would stock the library of an Arab MEMRI? Or perhaps we should do a body count of the dead and maimed after respective Friday prayers.

    Some even claim that the information should be made illegal, despite the First Amendment, because the new standard is the right not to be offended, not speech that incites imminent harm.

    These are the self-annointed "progressives" among us, who know best for us and not hesitate to shove their views down our throats whether we like it or not. Yet they are no less prone to screw up what they touch, and perhaps moreso, than anyone else, and leave behind the ruins in their illogical, Orwellian wake.

    1. It would be hysterical were it not so tragic.

      They honestly want us to believe that it is "racist" to point out that a political movement that wants us dead is a political movement that wants us dead.

      My father's side of the family was murdered in Medzybush, Ukraine, because of a political movement that wanted us dead and now we have "progressive Zionists" who tell us that being opposed to a political movement that wants us dead makes us "cockroaches."

      I'm telling ya, man, forget about the diaspora Jewish left and put whatever faith you my have in the Israelis.

  3. You make a good point about racism NOT being simple or even extreme dislike of a RELIGION. But, some folk do like to use the racism label willy nilly don't they? It's just such an easy way to demonize your intellectual opponent I guess.